Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are one of the most well-loved appliances used by homeowners. They make cleaning up in the kitchen much easier and convenient, and can help prevent clogs due to large pieces of food dropping into the sink drain. If properly maintained, the blades on the garbage disposal should do a great job at breaking down the pieces of food that come off your dishes after rinsing them. Unfortunately, when your garbage disposal stops working, it can be frustrating to go without it. If you're experiencing issues with your garbage disposal, there are a few things you can try.

Won't Turn On

Sometimes the garbage disposal doesn't come on at all. You flip the switch and it seems like nothing is working. There's no sound or movement coming from the disposal at all. In this case, it may be an electrical issue rather than a problem with your unit. Check under the sink to ensure that the garbage disposal is plugged in properly. If it is plugged in but still won't turn on, unplug the cord and test out the circuit with a small kitchen appliance. If the appliance turns on without a problem, then electricity should be reaching your disposal as well. Sometimes, garbage disposals have an automatic shutoff. There should be a reset button underneath the unit, often it is red. Push the button and test to see if it's working now.


If you suspect that your garbage disposal is leaking, the hardest part can be determining where the leak is coming from. Unplug the unit to ensure that you won't get shocked. Put a large bowl or bucket underneath the garbage disposal area to avoid a mess. Fill your sink with water then remove the drain plug and let the water flow through. Use a flashlight to look carefully and find where the water is coming from. Most of the time there are four areas where the source of the leak might be.

The most common is the drain flange. Remove the flange and you'll likely find that the seal has deteriorated. If this is the case, resealing with some plumber's putty may be all you need to do.

You can also check the drain line or dishwasher hose, and make sure the seals are in good condition and the pipe or hose isn't cracked or punctured. If you find an unbroken seal, pipe or hose, then replace the part and the leak should stop.

If the water is coming out of the bottom of your garbage disposal unit, then there may be a broken seal inside the disposal. There's a possibility that the seal can be replaced, but a broken seal inside your unit is a sign of wear and you'll likely run into another issue again soon. Now may be a good time to invest in a new garbage disposal.


Sometimes something other than food makes its way into your garbage disposal. The blades are designed to slice and dice food, not aquarium rocks, plastic forks or aluminum can tabs. If your unit is coming on when you flip the switch, but the blades are stuck, there's a good chance that you've got something lodged inside the unit. You can use an Allen wrench to turn the blades from the bottom of the garbage disposal. By manually turning the blades, it can sometimes release the blockage. If the blade still won't turn, or you're finding it difficult to locate and remove the material then you might consider calling a professional.

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