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Why Is My Toilet Flange Leaking?

Your toilet is something you use practically every day, and you are sure to notice any signs of trouble. One of the common issues with toilets is leaking. If your toilet is leaking, whether from the toilet tank, toilet bowl, or exterior...
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How to Fix a Bathroom Sink That Won’t Drain

Is there a puddle of gross water collecting in your bathroom sink? You likely have a clogged drain. Fortunately, there are many solutions to this common issue. In this brief article, we will go over some preventative measures as well as some ways...
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Does Your New Home Need New Plumbing?

Buried underground and throughout your flooring and walls, your plumbing system works, or at least should work, quietly and diligently for decades. Eventually, however, the material that makes up your plumbing pipes and drains will corrode and...
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Will Rock Salt Kill Tree Roots in a Sewer Line?

Tree roots can cause major damage to your sewer line and lead to a whole host of problems, including sewage backup and expensive repairs. Luckily, there are many ways you can get rid of tree roots in a sewer line before they cause problems. You...
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How to Drain a Washing Machine by Hand

Is your washing machine refusing to drain on its own? This kind of problem can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you have a lot of laundry. While the first instinct may be to panic, try to keep your cool. While a plumber can fix this...
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