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Cleaning Toilet And Drain Clogs

Cleaning Toilet And Drain Clogs

We fix toilet clogs when plungers can’t. We clean out hair & soap build-up in bathrooms and handle food waste build-up in kitchens. We will clear out obstructions in pipes & sewer lines to prevent water from backing up.
High-Pressure Hydro Jetting

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting

The use of powerful water streams up to 3,500 PSI cuts through and dissolves greasy obstructions with cutting-edge technology that requires special skills. Our trained technicians clear mineral deposits that build up in pipes to ensure  the pipes in your house stay clean longer.
Drain Repair

Drain Repair

We use camera probes to detect the problem’s location and then repair or replace old and damaged drains. We also install more effective garbage disposals and work on basement & outdoor drain repair and installation.
Sewer Pipe Repair

Sewer Pipe Repair

We use camera probes to detect the problem’s location and then repair or replace old/damaged piping. We handle underground sewer pipe repair/replacement and the replacement of bad pressure-reducing valves.
Ben H.
Our drain line was severely clogged, preventing us from using the plumbing in half of our house. Three different plumbing services came out to tackle the job, but only Jay and his team from Mr. Rooter were able to get it done.
Ben H.

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Atlanta Clogged Pipe Issues

Atlanta Clogged Pipe Issues

  • Slow drains throughout the house
  • (Almost) overflowing toilets
  • Water pressure too high or low
  • Built-up pipe residue and debris
  • Underground sewer drain problems
  • Foul smells in drain pipes
  • Gurgling or hissing noises from pipes
  • Corroded pipes in older homes
  • Accumulated grease in drains
  • Exposed concrete slab drains
  • Unexposed concrete slab drains

Business & Rental Property Drain Cleaning Services

  • Commercial Drain Pipe Cleaning and Repair: Clogged drains and toilets are not unusual in commercial buildings. We'll quickly get to work cleaning overworked drain pipes, and repairing them if needed.
  • Rental Property Drain Pipe Clog Removal: When residents call about water that won't go down, or stopped-up toilets, Mr. Rooter is your ongoing resource for a prompt, professional response.

Atlanta Gives Mr. Rooter 4.9/5 Stars

Atlanta Gives Mr. Rooter 4.9/5 Stars

Including Drain and Toilet Clog Cleaning

  • Get clear, up-front pricing that's respectful of your budget
  • Emergency drain & toilet clog service, with no added fee
  • Mr. Rooter's warranty protects you; ask about details
  • If we don't arrive on time, the Consultation Fee is waived
  • It's easy to reach us, and our team arrives promptly
  • Licensed and insured technicians only do high quality work


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