Why Is My Toilet Flange Leaking?

Why Is My Toilet Flange Leaking?

Your toilet is something you use practically every day, and you are sure to notice any signs of trouble. One of the common issues with toilets is leaking. If your toilet is leaking, whether from the toilet tank, toilet bowl, or exterior components, then you might be wondering how to stop it. Some can be resolved with a quick DIY fix; others will require toilet leak repair by a trained plumber. Some, unfortunately, will call for the toilet to be replaced. In this article, we will help you determine whether the culprit is a worn or damaged flange. Don't know what a flange is? Don't worry. We start with the basics. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta if you prefer to leave the toilet repair to the professionals.

What Is a Flange?

The toilet flange is a point of connection between the toilet and the sewer pipe. It is the metal coupling that secures the toilet to the floor and, together with the wax ring, seals the connection. The toilet flange is a component with a lot on its shoulders. Unsurprisingly, it is vulnerable to wear and tear as well as accidental damage.

How Do You Know the Toilet Flange Is Bad?

A trained and experienced plumber can inspect your toilet and quickly identify damaged parts or diagnose issues. Here are some of the tell-tale signs of a faulty toilet flange:

  • Wobbly Toilet: This is one of the first signs that indicate your toilet flange is struggling. It's the flange's job to keep the toilet stable after all.
  • Odors: Stink is normal if in the bathroom, but if that smell is persistent, then the toilet may be leaking. The stench will be the first to escape the sewer line in the event of a loosened or damaged flange.
  • Leaking: When the connection between the toilet and sewer line is weakened, wastewater will find its way through. This can form puddles where the toilet meets the floor.
  • Spongy Flooring: Is your bathroom floor feeling softer to the touch? That might be a sign of water damage from a leak.
  • Flooring Coming Up: If you missed the spongy flooring, then we hope you catch any buckling or cracking on the flooring. These are symptoms of a bad toilet flange.

Repairing the Toilet Flange

Sometimes the problem is not with the toilet flange but the wax ring. Still, you will have to cut off the water and remove the toilet to find out. If the toilet flange is fine but the wax ring is worn, then simply replacing the wax ring could resolve the problem. If the toilet flange is damaged, then just replacing the wax ring will not be enough.

However, if both the flange and wax ring are fine, then simply tightening the bolts might fix the leak. If none of these stop the leaking, then you may need to hire a trained plumber. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta is proud to offer its toilet repair and replacement services in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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