How to Choose the Best Plumber for Your Project

How to Choose the Best Plumber for Your Project

Get Referrals from Friends and Family

Sometimes the best place to start is by getting recommendations for local plumbers from people you know and respect. People will give you their honest opinion when they have your best interest in mind. Talk to the homeowners you know the best and ask them who did their most recent plumbing service and let them tell you about their experience. Keep in mind however, just because someone like’s their plumber doesn’t mean they are the best Atlanta plumber or that they provide the most value. Pay attention as well that they aren’t just pitching you their cousin’s business card – make sure that they actually received plumbing services from the person they are referring you to. Though a friend’s recommendation shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a good plumber, it might be the right way to begin narrowing down your options. Hundreds of homeowners have trusted Mr. Rooter of Atlanta with their plumbing repair and maintenance. Read some of the testimonials from local customers on our website. 

Check for Licensing, Bonding and Insurance

Anybody with a wrench can call themselves a plumber, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. If you want work done by a professional, be sure to check that the plumber and/or the company they work for is both licensed and insured. If the plumbing service you hire is not licensed, they may be breaking the law, and they might not be up to date on important codes and ordinances. If you ever sell your house to someone else and your plumbing is not code compliant – you may get into some hot water with the new home owner. Avoid costly mistakes by hiring someone who has extensive knowledge of the plumbing industry, and has the experience to do high quality work. The experts at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta make it a priority to stay on top of industry standards and trends, and are always prepared to uphold local Atlanta laws and codes. 

Insurance is a way to protect both the company and your home if something goes wrong during a complicated plumbing repair or installation. Liability insurance will help cover any property damage that might occur and if a contractor is injured while on your property, worker’s compensation insurance will take care of any medical expenses. Also, when a company is bonded, it helps protect you if the contractor doesn’t get the proper permits, fails to do quality work, causes damage to your property or fails to pay their employees for their work. If any of the above issues do arise during your Atlanta plumbing service, you can call the surety company and be properly compensated. 

At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, our work is bonded, licensed and insured. When you hire us, you know that you and your property are in good hands. 

Take a Look at The Services They Provide

The plumbing in your house is not a standalone component of your home’s architecture. The pipes are connected to other very important structures like septic tanks, water heaters and main lines. If a local plumber’s expertise only involves one small aspect of your home’s overall maintenance, they could leave you in trouble. They may not understand how one part of the plumbing repair might affect the system as a whole. When you’re looking for a new local plumber in the Atlanta area, it’s very important that their knowledge is well rounded. 

The next time your family is in need of an Atlanta plumber, give Mr. Rooter a call. Our company specializes in plumbing repair, septic tank maintenance, water heater installations and more. 



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