Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide

Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide

Everyone needs hot water to go through important parts of the day and not having it can make a day rough. Thankfully water heaters are there to make everyone's days easier. However, water heaters aren't immune to malfunctioning and can start to fail. It is usually easy to notice when your water heater is acting up. If water isn't as hot as you want it to be, you notice something is wrong. However, there are a few more signs of water heater damage. If there's inconsistency in water temperature, if different sounds are coming from your water heater, if you are running out of hot water very fast as you start to use it, if you notice leaks from your heater and finally if you notice the water pressure is low, most likely your water heater is failing.

Elements of Water Heaters

There are couple of elements in water heaters that needs to be functioning properly for the heater to function and knowing their places and what they do is important to test if you are testing your heater. Although there are many different types of water heaters, most of them share common elements. the first one is anode rods. they are important for corrosion protection for exposed steel. Second element is cold water shut-off valve. This valve is important because in the event of a repair or replacement, the water should be turned off. There's also a dip tube that carries cold water from the inlet at the top of the tank to the bottom of the tank. There's usually an outlet at the top too, that is important for the hot water that leaves the tank. In addition to inlet and outlet, every water heater must have relief valve. Relief valves are important for protection because if the temperature or pressure in the tank is too high, the relief valve allows water to escape. To prevent possible explosion of the tank, this serves as a safety precaution. Heaters also have operating controls and thermostats. Based on preference, the output water degree can be set through thermostats. Usually, a range of 115 and 120 degrees is preferred for safety and efficiency reasons. Finally, a drain valve should be present at the bottom of every water heater. Several times a year, a few gallons of water is drained out of the tank to remove possible sediment buildup.

Let Us Take Care of Water Heater Repair

Water heater maintenance and repair is important for ensuring the efficiency of your system and to elongate the lifespan of your heater. Water heaters can also pose safety threats so if you think you are having any sorts of problem with your water heater, our experienced plumbers in Mr. Rooter Plumbing are always here to help with your water heater repair. They will come to your home with their tools and after they inspect, they will diagnose the element that needs to be fixed and replace that faulty element so you can go on with your daily life without interruptions once again. Please give us a call today for scheduling an appointment or for estimates.

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