Does a Tankless Water Heater Increase Your Home Value?

Does a Tankless Water Heater Increase Your Home Value?

Water heaters are used for almost every activity that is performed in the household. It is impossible to do the dishes or shower without them, so homeowners nowadays are interested in investing in this essential part of the household. Looking for a new water heater, buyers come across 5 types of water heaters.

Types of Water Heaters

The first type of water heater is a Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater which is what many owners are familiar with because it's the most used one. The second type is Heat Pump Water Heater, which heats water by using heat from the air and the ground. The third type is Solar Powered Water Heater which uses energy from the sun to heat water. The fourth type is Condensing Water Heater, which collects and heats water with the extra gases. The final type is a Tankless Water Heater, which doesn't have a tank for storing water, unlike a Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater.

The Advantageous One- Tankless Water Heaters

Out of these main water heater types, Tankless Water Heaters are becoming very popular among home sellers due to a couple of reasons. It may be an assumption that tankless water heaters don't do the job as well as the conventional ones, but this isn't right, its performance is quite like conventional ones. In addition to this, they are incredible in terms of energy saving, because instead of holding the water inside the tank and heating it all day, it only heats it when it needs to be, this lowers the costs and saves energy. Tankless water heater installation is a relatively easy process to perform since there are no other gas lines or plumbing systems that need installment. In terms of their appearance, they are advantageous because they aren't large and don't take up a lot of space, so in case it needs to be moved to somewhere else in the house, it is done easily due to its small size.

A Great Investment

Because of all these preferable features, a home seller who is looking for different ways to increase his/her home's value can add a tankless water heater. Some studies prove homes with tankless water heaters were sold earlier and for a higher price. They are great sources of investment for both the homebuyer and the home seller. They are energy and cost-efficient, save up space, don't require maintenance every year, and are sustainable for the environment.

Switch Your Heater Today!

Who doesn't want to save up to almost $80 on their monthly electric bill? Who doesn't want more space in their house that can be used for many other purposes, especially in smaller ones? Who doesn't want to relax their mind knowing their water heater maintenance won't be a problem to them for many years? Who doesn't want to sleep at night peacefully knowing they are doing something beneficial for their environment? We are pretty sure every home seller and home buyer would find these qualities very admirable and that is why if you want to switch your water heater from a conventional one to a tankless one, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is here for you. Our plumbers in Cumming, GA are always ready to help you regarding the change of your water heater. Please call us today for a free estimate and for any questions you might have. We are here for you.

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