The Best New Toilets for Your Bathroom Renovation

The Best New Toilets for Your Bathroom Renovation

Whether you're building your dream home or are ready for a bathroom renovation project, picking the perfect porcelain throne isn't always a simple task. In the past, there weren't many options when it came to toilets, but today's marketplace is flooded with a wide range of great choices. Of course, which one is best for you will depend on many different factors, such as budget, average water consumption and style. At Mr. Rooter, we provide families, businesses and contractors with the highest quality plumbing services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Marietta and other nearby metro area neighborhoods. Along the way, we've helped a lot of people choose the toilet that fits their needs. If you're searching for a new toilet but don't want to flush your money down the drain, keep reading. While there are many more excellent options for homes and businesses to install, these three toilets are sure to make you smile.

Budget Conscious - Glacier Bay One Piece High Efficiency Dual Flush All in One Toilet

For those who are looking for a quality toilet without having to burden their budget, the One Piece High Efficiency Dual Flush All in One Toilet from Glacier Bay is an excellent choice. It features a sleek and sophisticated one piece design that is beautiful and easy to clean. It comes with the WaterSense seal of approval and despite its less than $200 price tag, it also includes dual flushing capabilities for families who want to save even more cash on their utility bills.

Mid-Range - American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush 2-Piece Toilet

At a price of around $300, this affordable modern toilet comes with some impressive features. The H2Option dual flush system integrates "siphonic" technology that allows you to choose between a light flush for liquids, and a heavy flush for solids. Families can conserve a lot of water by reducing their consumption by an average of 25%. It also contains a pressurized PowerWash rim and jet powered siphon for a powerful, clean and even flush every time.

High End Luxury - KOHLER Numi

If money is no object and you prefer a luxury toilet to match your signature style, then the KOHLER Numi might be for you. Though it comes with a steep multi thousand-dollar investment, it is the cream of the crop when it comes to bathroom fixtures. The sleek Numi is barely recognizable as a toilet. It's tankless design allows its boxed modern shape to completely conceal its true use. It also comes with incredible high tech features like a built-in bidet, wireless Bluetooth speakers, heated seat, foot warmer, and nightlight. If you're a homeowner who loves architecture and design, then the Numi might be the perfect accessory to your dream bathroom.

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