Mold Prevention in Atlanta

Mold Prevention in Atlanta

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

Uncontrolled mold growth is one of the worst problems a homeowner can experience. Not only is mold a health hazard for your loved ones, but it can also wreak havoc on vital areas of your home’s structure. Avoid an expensive and unnecessary bathroom renovation by taking preventative measures. At Mr. Rooter, we help home and business owners in Atlanta, Suwanee, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and other nearby metro area neighborhoods keep their buildings safe from water leaks and mold growth, and we want you to do the same. Here are just a few of the many steps you can take to keep your bathrooms safe from the destructive effects of mold. 

Keep Your Bathroom Well Ventilated

The first step is to make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. Most modern bathrooms have an exhaust fan. If you live in an older home and have not already installed a fan, you can open a window and use a desk fan to circulate the air. Make sure to ventilate the area after every hot shower or bath to ensure that any steam exits the room. Leaving the accumulated moisture again and again will create the ideal conditions for mold to grow. 

Use a Dehumidifier

If you have the space and budget, invest in dehumidifiers. These devices work great for reducing the overall moisture content of the home, particularly for homes located in humid climates. Small units are relatively inexpensive and can be placed throughout the house, particularly in areas where moisture is likely to accumulate. 

Schedule Regular Plumbing Inspections to Avoid Hidden Leaks

One of the leading causes of major mold growth is plumbing leaks. Whether it’s coming from the toilet bowl, a sink drain or bathtub faucet, a consistent trail of water will ultimately lead to the proliferation of mold, rotting wood and potentially severe water damage if left ignored for a long period of time. Unfortunately, not all leaks are easy to pinpoint, as much of your plumbing system remains in the subflooring and behind the walls. Scheduling an annual plumbing inspection will ensure that any leaks are discovered quickly, so you can fix the situation before it leads to further damage. 

Store Toiletry Items Outside of the Shower or Bathtub

Keeping a dozen toiletry products, shower scrubbers or kids toys in the shower or bath will create areas where mold and biofilm can form. Try carrying the items you need into the bathing area as you need it, and then wipe them down with a cloth and store them in a dry cabinet for future use. While this may seem like a nuisance, it will make your bathroom cleaning routine much simpler and will create a healthier environment for your family and house guests to enjoy. 

Wash Carpets and Bathroom Linens Frequently

If you use a cloth shower curtain, toilet covers or floor rugs, be sure to clean them as frequently as possible. These items will be exposed to moisture on a daily basis and will be used in an area where bacteria and mold are most often found. 

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