Gas Line Safety Tips for Homeowners

Gas Line Safety Tips for Homeowners

Similar to plumbing systems, gas lines also require a great deal of effort to stay in great shape long term. Water leaks can certainly cost property owners in terms of restorations and mold removal. However, neglecting a damaged gas line could put you and your loved ones at very serious risk. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, GA, our plumbers provide a wide selection of popular services, including gas line repair and inspections. If you are concerned about the condition of your gas line, then it's important to get help right away. Read below for some helpful tips that can keep your household safe.

Know Where Your Gas Line Is

The first step in gas line safety is knowing where your pipes are located. Unfortunately, major issues can occur when homeowners begin to dig a garden or swimming pool area and forget to think about this important step. Thankfully, property owners can find out where the gas line is by calling 811, the "Know Before You Dig" hotline. This will put you in touch with your local utility companies, who can then schedule a time to come out to your household or business and let you know where the lines are buried.

Schedule Periodic Inspections

Just like water pipes, your gas line can deteriorate over time. It is susceptible to damage and rust, so it also needs to be inspected from time to time to ensure that it is in quality condition. Failing to do so could result in hidden leaks that put your family in danger. In some communities, it is now standard for the nearby service commission to require occasional leak surveys and inspections, so check with your local government to find out more about your specific regulations.

Hire Professionals for Repairs, Installations, Replacements, and Maintenance Tasks

If a problem is discovered, then you must hire a professional for any repairs, replacements, or new installations. While do-it-yourself projects can be fun and empowering, you don't want to risk making a mistake with your gas line. Our qualified plumbers have the experience and specialized equipment needed to perform gas line repair services accurately, so you can get the job done without worry.

If You Smell Gas, Get Out Right Away

Sulfur or rotten egg smells are a warning sign that cannot be ignored. If you smell such an odor or hear strange hissing sounds, then evacuate the property immediately. Once you have made it to a safe place, you can notify your local utility company, who will come to check on the safety of your gas line.

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Has your gas line gone without services for years? Then it's probably time for a checkup. Call the experienced plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, Georgia. Our specialists are ready to help you improve the safety and efficiency of your plumbing and gas systems. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment for your next gas line inspection or gas line repair.

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