How to Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

How to Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

If you've noticed a substantial increase in utility costs even though the rates have stayed the same, then your water heater may be to blame. Many homeowners are unaware of just how much their water heater unit contributes to their overall monthly bills, but the average falls somewhere between fifteen and thirty percent. Those with older models can expect to pay more since they aren't equipped with the same eco-friendly features as their newer counterparts. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, our plumbers provide water heater repair, replacement, and new installation services. If you are wondering how you can improve the efficiency of your water heater, then read below for some tips and tricks that can help you keep more cash in your wallet each month.

Get Rid of Built-Up Sediment

Over time dirt, minerals, and other debris can find their way into your water heater via the plumbing system. Eventually, these substances can create a buildup of sediment on the bottom of your water heater tank. If the buildup is large enough, your water heater may struggle to keep your water temperature regulated without putting in a lot more effort. This extra energy consumption can add to your bills, and neglecting the issue can lead to future repairs and premature replacement. Thankfully, the situation can be resolved and prevented from reoccurring by scheduling routinely flushing and cleaning your tank. Our skilled plumbers can provide a professional water heater flushing service to help refresh and restore the condition of your system.

Make Sure the Temperature Settings Are Correct

A lot of people forget about their temperature settings entirely. Your water heater may be functioning very well, but it has been programmed by the housebuilder or a previous owner to be too low or too high. High temperatures can not only put extra strain on your water heater and wallet, but it can also lead to injury.

Know When It's Time for an Upgrade

Water heater issues can be fixed with a basic repair or part replacement in many cases. This is an excellent option for a relatively new unit that needs a little tender love and care. However, if you find yourself paying for a water heater repair every other year, then you may save a lot more money by simply upgrading now. This is because more repairs are likely to be on the horizon, and a replacement is inevitable after the ten-to-fifteen-year mark. So, getting an energy-efficient water heater now can not only help you save on repetitive repair costs, but it can slash your utility costs.

Are You Struggling with a Broken or Failing Water Heater? Let Our Plumbers Take Care of It

Does it seem like your older water heater unit is struggling to provide for the needs of your growing family? Then it may be time for a water heater repair or replacement. The plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta are always ready to lend a hand. Call our staff for more information about our repair and maintenance services or book an appointment.

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