Sewer Repair in Marietta

Mr. Rooter offers 24 Hour emergency sewer repair, sewer line replacement and sewer cleaning in Marietta, 30060, 30061, 30062, 30063, 30064, 30065, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30080, 30090, 30152 and all surrounding areas in the Metro Atlanta Area. Sewer plumbing is a tricky business. Identifying root cause of a leaky pipe is not an easy task since everything is buried underground. You don't need to worry anymore because we are coming to your very own town of Marietta. You read it right. Nation's most loved and trusted plumbing company, Mr Rooter Plumbing is now in Marietta to solve all your plumbing problems. Leaky sewer pipe? Unhealthy odour? You name it, Mr.Rooter has a fix for everything. Call us now at 770-285-5709 to schedule sewer repair in Marietta area.

Sewer Repair & Plumbing

What makes sewer line repair so important? Well, the reason is that your own safety depends upon it. When a sewer line gets cracked, the water seeps into the ground slowly. Over the time as the waste builds up, it damages the foundation of the house leading to cracks in the walls and ceilings. This puts everyone at risk because the ground expands, hence tearing the concrete away. This is why all the tell-tale signs of sewer leak must be reported immediately and tended to by expert plumbers. As for the latter, there is no doubt that one of the best plumbers in Marietta are now Mr.Rooter Plumbing. Give us a call and let us know of your plumbing woes. 

Diagnosing a Sewer Leak

Fifty years’ worth of experience working in hundreds of locations nationwide, trusted by the nation to give you the best, our aim is to offer you the most reliable and affordable solutions to sewer repair in Marietta. The first step is diagnosis which can be the trickiest. Our experts will make sure that the correct problem is identified so that it can be sorted out. We don't make half hearted guesses. We get to the problem and make sure that it can be alleviated. Once the diagnosis is done, the sewer lines are cleaned and the next steps are implemented. 

Sewer Line Repair-The Steps

After cleaning, our experts ascertain as to which method to use. The extent and state of damage is noted and the options are put forward. The most basic solution is Pipe Relining in which the pipes are realigned and fixed into place so that they won't get cracked again. This mostly solves the basic problems of leaky sewer pipes. Another strategy might be to Burst the pipe. A separate pipe is inserted into the old one and the old one is burst open. This ensures an efficient replacement but the pipe's diameter is reduced. Now that we are operating in Marietta, call us and we will let you know what strategies can be adopted for your leaky sewer pipes.

Sewer Line Replacement in Marietta

If the repair work is out of question and the lines are damaged to a greater extent, then we also provide service for sewer line replacement in Marietta and surrounding areas. This the last resort measure and for that we offer thorough consultation and an interactive session where you can discuss your needs and payment options. Of course, here at Mr.Rooter we care for your wallet and therefore promise efficient and affordable sewer line replacement. People of Marietta rejoice for a company that cares for you is now in your midst: Mr.Rooter Plumbing. 

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