Why Does My Bathroom Smell?

Why Does My Bathroom Smell?

You take great care in maintaining your bathroom. Yet, despite frequent cleaning, every time you walk by your toilet or sink, a terrible smell seems to waft down the hallway. It can be very frustrating for homeowners to deal with bad smells, especially when they are putting in a lot of effort to keep their home beautiful and comfortable for their friends and family. Unfortunately, there are specific plumbing problems that must be addressed before the awful fragrance will disappear. There is no number of scented candles and disinfectant spray that will make it disappear. Rather than mask the aroma, it's essential that you target the source of the trouble. Once you fix the underlying issue, you'll be free of the odors once and for all. Don't worry, bad bathroom smells are a common occurrence that professional plumbers deal with on a regular basis. Here are a few possible causes for your restrooms stinky stench.

Dry Traps

Those curvy pipes beneath your sink or toilet bowl have a specific purpose. They trap water to act as a seal against sewer gas escaping into your bathroom. Traps need to have enough water to work efficiently. Sometimes if your drain pipes go unused for an extended period of time, this water can evaporate, giving those sewage smells freedom to escape through the drain. Try running the water in your tubs, toilets and sinks if to see if it eliminates the problem.

Clogged Drain Pipes or Plumbing Vents

When a clog is formed in your plumbing vents, it can cause sewer smells to leak into the house. Other clogs, such as those found in your shower drains, could be collecting soap, hair and other debris from bathing. Such an environment can cause bacteria to flourish, and the clog may need to be professionally removed to completely rid your bathroom of the bad odor. Drain Cleaning Atlanta

Broken Wax Seal on Toilet

Your toilet has a protective wax ring beneath the base of the bowl. It helps to create a seal against sewer gas leaking into the open air. Over time, these seals can become cracked or broken. If your toilet wobbles at all, there's a good chance that the flange and the wax seal has been compromised. You will probably need to remove the toilet and purchase a new wax seal or flange to eliminate the cause of the smell.


Biofilm is a group of microorganisms, often bacteria or mold, that can form in certain crevices of your plumbing. Over time, if enough is accumulated, it can begin to emit a noxious smell that will crawl up through your drains. You may be able to eliminate a small amount of biofilm by running boiling water through all your drains. However, if that doesn't cut it, you may have to take your drain pipes apart and scrub the film off physically.

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