Ways to Manually Flush a Toilet

Ways to Manually Flush a Toilet

Did you flush your toilet, just like you do every day, only this time it refused to do its job? This can be extremely frustrating. To make matters worse, the contents of the toilet bowl can build up through the day while you're working on a solution. No one wants to deal with a dysfunctional toilet that is full of liquid and solid waste. Not only is this unpleasant, but it is unsanitary. Thankfully, there are ways you can manually flush your toilet if the usual way fails. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, we offer premium commercial and residential services including toilet installation, repair and replacement in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding neighborhoods. If you are having trouble with your stubborn toilet, follow these simple methods to get your wastewater to go down the drain.

Add Water to the Tank

In some cases, the toilet won't flush because there isn't enough water flowing back inside the tank. Open the lid to see if the water level remains low. If so, then pour water inside the tank until the level reaches roughly one inch or less below the water line. Try pushing the flush lever again to see if this fixed the issue.

Use a Bucket

If that doesn't work, then adding water to the toilet bowl may do the trick. Find a mop bucket or container that can hold a minimum of one gallon. Fill it up and then pour the water into the bowl slowly to start, then gradually increase the amount you are pouring out at one time. Sometimes this can push any waste through your pipes. Be careful not to pour too much water though, otherwise it may overflow. When you are finished, see if the toilet will flush now.

Pull the Flapper Up

Next, you can check the flapper inside your tank. You should see a chain attached to the rubber flapper. If the chain has come loose, the flapper has moved from its original position or you see damage, then the issue will need to be resolved. For now, try manually lifting the flapper to see if this forces a flush. Then, you can repair or replace the flapper for a long-term solution.

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