Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill

Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill

We all want to ensure that we conserve water and at the same time reduce the bill on water on a monthly basis. There are certain tips and ideas that can help you achieve this.

Tips and ideas to conserve water and reduce monthly water bills

Replace and repair existing toilet and shower heads with the low flow and energy-efficient options that consume much less water when compared to older toilet and shower heads. In addition to this, you need to replace that inefficient toilet flapper each year because they wear down too quickly. Replacing toilet and shower heads and your flapper can cut your monthly water bills by as much as 30-40%, according to experts.

Any leaky faucets must be repaired as soon as possible. You need to check your toilet, kitchen, and bathroom for signs of leakages. Though visual inspection is not 100% efficient in detecting leaks, contact Mr. Rooter of Atlanta for advance leak detection services where hidden leaks that are not visible, can be detected and repaired.

Sprinklers working outdoor must be connected to a timer to regulate the amount of water released at a time. You must ensure that your sprinklers are reaching the plants and the lawn, not soaking up the driveway.

Water usage tips and ideas to reduce your monthly water bill

Consider showering for about 5 minutes sometimes instead of taking a long bath - this will reduce your total amount of water used, in the long term. Do not forget to turn off the water when brushing your teeth, or when shaving and you will be surprised at how much water you will save by the end of the month. Occasionally, place some buckets inside the rain to collect water, your plants enjoy rainwater- doing this, instead of relying on the sprinkler all the time will surely save you significantly on monthly water bills.

Occasionally, place some ice cubes on the hanging plants for them to soak up the water, and prevent an overflow, during watering and that will also help prevent spillages when you water very fast. You must ensure you use the right pot size when boiling water for cooking and make sure you use the right amount of water. Experts suggest that replacing grass with shrubs and trees means you will use less water in the long run because shrubs and trees require much less water to survive

Contact Mr. Rooter of Atlanta for an upgrade to your water fixtures

Most times, we lose water and end up paying more on monthly water bills because we don't pay attention to faulty water fixtures. If you notice water dripping down the taps even after closing them, you must contact your professional plumber. Dripping water from the faucet can lead to the loss of thousands of gallons of water on a weekly and monthly basis.

Mr. Rooter of Atlanta offers 24-hour and emergency water fixtures repair, replacement, and installation that will help you save more water and water usage bills.

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