How to Measure for a Replacement Toilet

How to Measure for a Replacement Toilet

Is it time to upgrade your worn-out toilet? Then you may be wondering where to start. While there are many steps involved in replacing a toilet, the first step should always be taking proper measurements. This will ensure that you purchase a new model that requires minimal effort to install. Yet, many property owners may be unsure which type of measurements are most important. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we offer premium commercial and residential plumbing services, including toilet replacement, repair and installation for clients in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Here are some tips for taking proper toilet measurements, so you can more forward with your project.


This measurement will identify the amount of space between the back of the toilet and the center of the waste pipe. Place the end of your measuring tape on the wall behind your toilet and move it toward the middle of the bolt caps, which hold the toilet base to your floor. You should see four bolt caps, so make sure you measure toward the rear set of caps.

Toilet Depth

All toilet bowls have either a round or oval shape. Each have their own pros and cons, as oval seats are more comfortable and round bowls will take up less space. Measure from the bowl's front edge to the back of your toilet tank. This should give you the depth so you can choose a new model that will best fit the area.

Height of Tank

Another important measurement to consider is the height of your tank. This is particularly true if you have installed shelves or other decorative items on the wall above your existing toilet. Measure from the top of your toilet tank to the floor, which will give you the exact height.

What Should Be Done with These Measurements

If you are performing the new toilet installation yourself, then you will need to take a list of these measurements with you while shopping for a replacement unit. However, having these measurements can also assist in purchasing the perfect toilet for your needs, even if you are going to hire a professional plumber. Of course, if you don't have the time or experience needed to take proper measurements, then a certified plumber will be able to perform this task for you.

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Are you looking for a qualified plumber in Atlanta who can accurately perform your toilet replacement? Then call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta today. There is no reason to put your property at risk of water damage or expose yourself to harmful bacteria. We proudly offer dependable toilet installation and replacement services for Atlanta area home and business owners. Our certified and insured plumbers have the training and hands-on experience needed to get the job done right. We will take all the necessary measurements and help find a suitable toilet that fits your needs, style preferences and budget. Then, we will ensure that the new unit is properly installed so you can continue to use your new toilet for many years to come. Contact our office for more information about our plumbing services or to schedule a convenient appointment with a licensed plumber in Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Georgia or a surrounding neighborhood.

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