How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

The smell of a garbage disposal can be very disgusting, it is important to clean the garbage disposal as soon as possible to prevent mold and bacteria growth. You may want to contact plumbers from Mr. Rooter to help you clean your garbage disposal effectively, and you can also do it yourself with the following tips and ideas.

Take note of where the smell is coming from

You need to take note of different cleaning areas of the garbage disposal. Most smells can emanate from the stopper or plug, inside the disposal or within the pipes. Make sure you check around the blade too.

Engage in the following garbage disposal cleaning procedures

Perform daily cleaning because lots of garbage particles are usually left behind when insufficient water is used in order to perform daily cleaning, make sure your you plug your sink drain and then fill up the basin with water, halfway before adding a squirt of dish soap plus a cup of vinegar. As this mix runs down the garbage disposal, make sure you unplug and then run the garbage disposal and let the disposal sit for about 5 minutes after cleaning.

Apply a weekly deodorizer by pouring half a cup of baking soda into the waste disposal and this should be followed with a cup of vinegar (make sure you add slowly to make the mix fizzy) and while the mix is getting fizzy, bring a pot of water to boil and pour the water through the drain, in order to rinse the debris that has been loosened by the hot water. Get 2 cups of ice and pour it inside the drain before adding half of lime or lemon (if available). The addition of lime or lemon will help remove the difficult odor.

Clean the most difficult areas

It is easy to overlook certain areas when cleaning your garbage disposal, thus, these places should be handled at the end.

Clean the baffle, stopper, and plug by pulling it out and rinsing it. The baffle is located on the collar of your garbage disposal. Make sure you wipe off the food residue therein with a toothbrush or an old sponge.

Clean the blades and the disposal chamber by using the natural deodorizers (lime or lemon), add some vinegar to loosen the grime and you may add some rock salt to remove stuck debris.

Clean up the flaps by scrubbing down from the top of the disposal flaps, with some baking soda that is prepared into a paste solution. You can make use of a toothbrush to perform this cleaning.

De-putrify your plumbing drain lines by preparing hot water and running the hot water down the drain line at least once a week. This will help in preventing the build-up of that smelly and clogging debris from the drain lines. You may want to ask Mr. Rooter for recommendable and drain-friendly cleaners you can apply.

Contact Mr. Rooter of you are finding it difficult to clean your garbage disposal and if you want to save money, time, and energy.

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