Tree removal will always be an important part of our service to you. Often, it’s the start of the process of clearing land for other purposes like building a patio or a pool. Sometimes tree removal is necessary to protect people, homes or buildings. Sometimes it’s for the well-being of other trees and shrubs. Sesmas offers professional and affordable tree service Atlanta.

Tree removal is recommended when the tree is dying or dead; if it is located in an area where new construction requires removal; if its roots are impacting sewers, pipes, cables or foundations; if it’s in decline greater than 30%, or if has been damaged beyond repair (generally by a storm.)

No size tree removal job is too large – or too small

Call 770-734-9648 to have us assess your tree removal job in the Metro Atlanta Area.

We take pride in helping our customers find the most appropriate solution for their tree issues, whether it is diagnosis and treatment, trimming or removal. If the decision is made to remove the tree; why take chances with your family and property? We are the recognized, safe choice in heavy, sophisticated tree removals. Our safe work practices help take the risk out of big tree removals, and our satisfaction guarantee takes the risk out of contracting. Fundamentally, we want to be the tree company you refer to your mother.

Our customers have a wide range of problems, so we staff a complete range of expertise. Call to schedule a free evaluation. If you have a tree that you think may have a problem, it’s much better to find out early to prevent any situation from getting worse.

Why this is not a DIY job

A major DIY (do-it-yourself) home and garden TV channel offers this advice: “Chainsaws can be … extremely dangerous. If a large tree needs to be (trimmed), consult a tree removal arborist.”

A national arboretum website advises, “…with fallen and damaged trees…a professional should be hired. (They) are properly equipped. The pruning of large trees can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly.”

A consumer group reminds you that tree work near power lines requires specific training and minimum separation. Electrocution is a bona fide danger. TREE BRANCHES CAN CONDUCT ELECTRICITY. It’s a cause of injury and death among DIY tree removers.

The equipment and manpower we assign

Big yellow trucks.

You can’t miss us! We operate one of the largest tree service fleets in Atlanta. They are a visible reminder of our large, efficient operation. People frequently say that we’re one of the most productive operations they’ve ever seen. We do focus on being safe and effective. The faster we work, the more affordable we are to you.

Landscaping tractors.

We bring small tractors to nearly every job. They’ve nearly eliminated back injuries, and they make quick work of tree removal. We also carry plywood with every tractor so that we protect your yard. It’s not good enough to remove the tree for a fair price, and leave your yard a mess.


Sometimes the safest and most effective way to remove a tree is from above. But it can be disconcerting to see a 2 ton log dangling from a cable above your roof! That’s why it’s important to select a tree service with the requisite experience to determine whether a crane is necessary, and if it is, to size it correctly (and conservatively.) The money saved by specifying a smaller than necessary crane will be forgotten after the crane ends up tipping over on your home! We maintain good working relationships with experienced crane operators of well-maintained, safe cranes.

The Old Fashioned Way.

Tree Removal. Often the situation doesn’t permit the use of labor saving technology, and the tree must be brought down with ropes and tackle. When climbing and roping equipment is tested, that’s when your tree service’s professional work practices pay off. Clean, safe, well maintained equipment, operated safely minimize damage to your property.

Storm Work.

We don’t ‘chase’ storm work, but we do prioritize repeat customers who have tree issues caused by storms. Our crews are trained to work safely in a variety of emergency conditions.

Safe Work Practices.

The tree industry has developed and published safe work practice standards known as ANSI Z133.1-2006 (American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations - Safety Requirements). Tree crews conforming to this standard “stand out” from the many that don’t with their use of personal protective equipment and work practices.Sesmas trains and requires all personnel to work in conformance with Z-133.

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