Garbage Disposal Replacement in Decatur

Garbage Disposal Replacement in Decatur

Garbage Disposal Replacement in Decatur

Routine maintenance is a good thing for the lifespan of any machine. To ensure your garbage disposal is running smoothly and efficiently, clean the unit on regular basis. Of course, nothing lasts forever, so if your garbage disposal is giving you a hard time, you may need a new unit. However, there's nothing to worry about since Mr. Rooting Plumbing offers garbage disposal installation in Decatur and many other services. Just call our representatives to schedule your appointment today.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

  • You hear strange noises coming from your garbage disposal.

There are many moving parts in a garbage disposal, so if you hear anything unusual, this might be a strong indicator of a big problem. Try to see if anything is clogging the mechanism. If you come across anything, try carefully removing it. If you haven't found anything and are still hearing strange noises, it's time to call the professionals of Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

  • Foul Odor

If your garbage disposal is properly maintained, bad scents that normally arise from old food and waste shouldn't be a problem. Because of this, any foul odor can be an indication of an improper operating unit. If you smell the odor even after you washed the unit, this is a sign that it might not be working, and you may need repair or replacement.

  • Garbage Disposal Doesn't Work.

Yes, this is an obvious one. However, if waste disposal doesn't turn on, it can be a sign of a problem. Try to reset it to see if it will start again or look at the circuit to see if it's anything electricity related. If you tried all of these and it still doesn't work, you obviously will have to call professionals.

  • Your garbage disposal is leaking water.

Any leakage may indicate a crack or fracture in the unit. If this is the case, most likely the unit is an old one and it's not worth repairing. Most likely you will need garbage disposal replacement.

  • Constant Pressing of the Reset Button.

You may not know what exactly is wrong with your disposer, so you are constantly pressing the reset button to get it working again. This should rarely be done; it shouldn't be a constant practice to keep your machine working. So, it's another sign that something isn't right.

Some Tips for Maintaining Your Disposal

Some Tips for Maintaining Your Disposal

When taking care of your garbage disposal, make sure not to overburden it. Keep in mind that you're dealing with a machine in the end, it doesn't have superpowers. If you overburden it, wear and tear would be inevitable. If you are dealing with heavy work that day in the kitchen, run your garbage disposal at regular intervals to avoid overworking it. Another point to keep in mind is to keep the water flowing while running the machine to prevent engine overheating. If you use cold water, even better!

The third point is to always remember that grease is the #1 enemy of your garbage disposal. It will build up in your pipes over time and clog the system entirely. Avoid pouring down any type of fat or grease. These strategies are important if you want to avoid dealing with kitchen sink disposal replacement. However, always keep in mind that if you need any type of repair with your kitchen sink disposal, Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers garbage disposal repair in Decatur.

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