Why You Need to Filter Your Well Water

Why You Need to Filter Your Well Water

While dependence on city water systems is the norm in highly populated cities, there are still many rural property owners who rely on well water for their daily household needs. Whether you're cooking dinner, giving the kids a bath or washing a load of laundry, it's important that the water you use to care for your loved ones is safe. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we want all of our clients to have the highest quality water possible. Filtering well water is one of the best ways to improve the overall health and taste of your fresh water source. Here are just a few reasons why families like yours can benefit from installing a well water filtration system.

Avoid Bad Smells and Tastes

Well water can be notoriously foul smelling. Many households suffer through showers while a strange sulfur smell ruins any chance of relaxation. Water that has smells like rotten eggs or tastes like pennies won't be enjoyable to use for drinking, cooking or washing. A filtration system can reduce or eliminate these unpleasant traits, and restore a fresh, clean smell and taste to your fresh water supply.

Remove Dangerous Contaminants

Unfortunately, ground water contains more than H20. Harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites can survive and thrive in well water. These kinds of contaminants can create health issues for family members and guests. When your well water is properly treated and filtered, the chances of enduring illnesses caused by these pathogens will be significantly reduced.

Increase Clarity

No one likes to use water that looks dirty. After all, water's purpose is to cleanse and restore. So, if your well water looks cloudy or discolored, then it probably contains a lot of sediments and minerals. Filtrations systems work to remove these particles, so the water you pour into your glass and cooking pans will be crystal clear.

Reduce Pipe Corrosion and Appliance Damage

Having water that contains too many minerals is not only unpleasant to use, it can also cause big problems for your pipes and appliances. Keep in mind that your water passes through your entire plumbing system, into your washing machine, water heater tank, refrigerator and dishwasher. Over time, the presence of certain minerals like calcium or iron can wear down components of your most expensive and important appliances. They can also prematurely corrode your pipes, causing leaks and frequent repairs or replacements. Using a faucet attachment or filtered water pitcher simply won't help remedy this problem. A whole house filtration system will help cleanse and purify every drop of water that passes into your home.

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