Why Is Water Leaking Through The Ceiling After A Shower?

Why Is Water Leaking Through The Ceiling After A Shower?

You should be cautious if you find water dripping from your ceiling. Even if there is no obvious dripping, a dried water stain is a sign that you have a water problem that requires the immediate attention of a licensed plumber. Especially if that dripping or moisture is directly beneath your bathroom, you could be dealing with a serious water leak. This dripping from the ceiling can be seen especially after showering. It is known as a ceiling leak from the upstairs bathroom and it's very common.

Minor Leak Threat

Even a minor water leak should be regarded as a potential hazard in every possible way. Firstly, mold is extremely easy to grow in conditions where there is constant dampness combined with a warm environment. Mold can start to infect your home in 48 hours if moisture is present. Did you know that mold can cause skin and respiratory illnesses? It is a threat to both you and your family. In addition to this, you will most likely see a huge increase in your water bills. To keep yourself and your house safe, make sure a Professional plumber performs the inspection. This way, you can avoid a much bigger problem which will cost you thousands of dollars and your health.

Sources Of Water Leak

There are five main sources that almost any water leak on your first-floor ceiling may usually be traced back to. The most common source of water damage under a shower is broken or loose pipes. In most situations, the leak occurs after the shower valve is turned on, therefore the leak is only noticed after someone has had a shower. If you see damaged connecting pipes or dripping water when you look at your water valve behind walls, most probably this is the source. Water damage can also be caused by cracked or broken tiles in the shower or tub enclosure. Although it might seem that they are present for aesthetics, tiles are very essential for waterproofing of the shower or tub. Water can leak behind the tile and run down the inside of the wall if the tiles are fractured or damaged. Your water damage could also be caused by a broken shower faucet. The cause is most likely a faulty O-ring, washer, or gasket. Another source can be clogged drains that are clogged with soap, hair, and debris which doesn't allow water to drain. Overflowing of the tub or the pan would end up with water pouring into the room below. Finally, The water damage could potentially be the result of a leaking gasket at the shower drain.

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