Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank?

Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank?

Nobody likes to find an empty toilet tank that does not fill. Obviously, you'll know there's a problem if you realize there's no water in your toilet tank. However, the issue is usually simple to resolve. In this article, we will discuss some of the typical causes of a toilet tank that won't fill, several of which you can fix yourself.

Float Ball

If you have an older toilet, the tank may include a float ball. When the water level is high enough, the float ball rests above the water and causes the water flow to stop. If your tank doesn't fill, the ball may be broken. The ball itself has occasionally become so worn that it develops a leak and no longer floats properly. If that's the case for you, you need to replace the float ball. However, most of the time if you adjust the float arm will allow more water into the tank and the toilet to fill properly. Try to simply bend the arm slightly upward. Through trial and error, you can get the correct level after some time. However, if the ball stays low even after moving it multiple times, then it's time to replace the ball.

No Water Supply or Low Water Pressure

The second reason can be no water supply or low water pressure. Obviously, if there's a cut to the supply of the water, the toilet will not fill as it should. Try to check the valve under your toilet to see if it's turned off. Then, turn on the faucet of your bathroom sink to see what happens. If there isn't any water there, then the problem is elsewhere. This may indicate there's a blockage in your plumbing system that prevents water to reach your bathroom. Another reason can be low water pressure. Having very low pressure is like having no water at all. This can be a problem with the water supply, or your water pump may be broken. In this case, the skillful plumbers of Mr. Rooter Plumbing can install a booster pump.

Adjusting Fill Valve

In newer toilets, a float cup replaces the float ball. The fill valve regulates the amount of water that enters the tank. However, if the valve is moved out of its regular position, water does not fill the tank. Lift the toilet tank cover to resolve the problem. The fill valve is connected to the water level rod via the float cup, which is connected to the fill valve by the float cup. On the top of the water level rod is a screw. To adjust the water level, turn the screw on top of the water level adjustment rod clockwise. This will elevate the float cup and raise the tank's water level. Try to flush the toilet after you've adjusted to see what happens. Then, if you think there's too much water in the tank, you can turn it counterclockwise.

Broken Trip Lever Assembly

Another reason can be a broken trip lever assembly. When your toilet's trip lever assembly breaks, it's usually because the portion that links the tank to the handle has corroded and gotten separated. By removing the tank's cover and inspecting the interior, you may see this. In this case, the assembly needs to be replaced.

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