Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

When water is pooling on the floor of your bathroom and around the base of the toilet, you should call for help as soon as possible. If the leakage is at the base and coming out from the toilet bowl, you should ensure that it is cleaned up because it can be unsanitary. The dirty water from the leak may smell of sewage and it may become more serious as you continue to flush the toilet, and eventually, it may cause damage to the sub-floor, a ceiling of the floor or the entire flooring. The following are the reason why there is toilet leakage at the base and how you can get it fixed;

Make sure you conduct a test on the leaky toilet

Leakages at the base of the toilet may occur when you flush the toilet, or when there is a condensation on the toilet bowl. In this case, you can soak the water with paper towels before you flush the water again. Leakages may also occur when there is a loose water line especially when the shut off valve is not tightly closed. Make sure the hoses behind the toilet are examined to confirm this leak. All these steps may be too much for you to handle, it makes a lot of sense if you can contact Mr. Rooter to conduct a test on your leaky toilet or toilet installation in Atlanta.

Tighten the tee bolts on the toilet floor

If your toilet continues to leak at the base after flushing, it may be because of faulty bolting to the floor. There are two tee bolts and if the tee bolts do not create a tight seal, then your toilet will leak when you flush it. Make sure the bolts holding the toilet to the floor has been tightened, the problem here is that you may need a screwdriver to pry out the caps on the bolt, if you can do this and tighten the bolt very well, then the leakage may stop. You need to ensure that you don't overtight the bolts holding the toilet base to the floor, hence it is much better to contact Mr. Rooter to get this problem fixed.

Get the wax ring replaced

If after all the steps above, you still can't put an end to water pooling at the base of the toilet, then you need to replace the failing wax ring. In this case, the entire toilet unit may have to be removed, to remove the wax ring- this will require a professional plumber to handle.

Contact Mr. Rooter to get water leaks at the base of the toilet fixed

Most minor leaks at the base of the toilet can be fixed at home but there are some complex issues such as toilet wax ring that will require the help of a professional plumber. Make sure you call a professional plumber with a strong record of fixing all kinds of toilet issues, and you will be amazed at how much money, time and energy you will save yourself.

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