What to Do When Your Sewage Backs Up

What to Do When Your Sewage Backs Up

Sewage backups are a terrible plumbing problem to have. No one wants to clean up a messy overflowing toilet or deal with wastewater coming into the bathtub or kitchen sink. Unlike minor clogs, sewage backups are often caused by severe blockages that are difficult to remove. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, Georgia, we provide a wide range of residential and commercial services that help clients achieve a safe and efficient plumbing system. We want to help you do the same. Are you in the middle of a plumbing emergency? Here are some tips on what to do when your sewer line backs up.

Prioritize Safety

The first step is to ensure safety for yourself and loved ones. A small backup might be isolated and contained easily, whereas a large indoor flood can contaminate an entire room. Make sure that your family stays far away from the area. Raw sewage often contains illness causing bacteria, so it's vital that you quarantine the situation until it can be properly handled. If you do need to troubleshoot the issue, or you attempt to dislodge the clog yourself, please use the appropriate safety gear when working. Avoid contaminating the rest of the home by removing any items or clothing that came in direct contact with waste water.

Remove the Clog

If you believe your backup is caused by a surface level drain clog, you can attempt to remove it with a plunger or manual snake. Try to avoid using harsh drain cleaners and electronic snakes if possible, because they can damage pipes and fixtures when used improperly. If the blockage remains, or if the backup is extreme, then it's time to call a professional plumber. Experienced specialists will have the necessary tools and training needed to remove large, deep set clogs without harming your plumbing system. If your backup is caused by a damaged sewer line or roots, then you may need additional services such as hydro jetting or plumbing repairs. These advanced plumbing tasks should always be performed by a licensed and insured professional.

Clean and Sanitize

Once the clog has been successfully removed, and the pipes and drain line has been cleared, it's time for cleanup. Again, remember that the waste water will be full of potentially hazardous contaminants. If the backup was small, then it's possible to do the work yourself, if you perform the task with safety in mind. If you feel uncomfortable with the cleanup process, or if the flooding was widespread and caused water damage, then you may need to call a professional restoration company.

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