What Is in Your Drinking Water?

What Is in Your Drinking Water?

Chemically, water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, but absolutely pure water does not exist. Neither your bottled water nor your tap water is pure water. In reality, all of the water on our planet has some impurities, whether these be minerals, sediments, or other inorganic compounds and hazardous waste. If you are wondering what is in your drinking water, then this article is for you. If you want to cut to the chase and get clean water, then call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta to schedule a whole house water filtration installation. Our plumbers are experienced, regularly trained, and equipped with some of the latest tools and technology.

About Water Quality

The theoretical components of water are hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but as we mentioned earlier, pure water does not exist. In real life, there are many contaminants in water. Fortunately, a lot of these contaminants are harmless. Many others are harmless to a certain extent while some are harmful in any measure.

Lots of monitoring, research, and discussion goes into evaluating water quality. Each state, territory, and authorized tribe in the United States propose water quality standards for their area, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must review and approve that the standards meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Water quality might meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act, but this does not mean that the water will taste good. Further, the water may become unacceptably contaminated by the time it travels through plumbing and reaches your cup. This is why routine plumbing service and timely repairs are so important.

Testing the Water Quality

So, how do you go about testing the water quality of your drinking water? There are many options.

You can test the water quality yourself by using test strips or testing vials. It's simple. You dip the test strip into the water or add a few drops of a testing solution to the testing vials. You will compare the color of the applied test strip or color of the water in the vial to a color chart.

These at-home tests can check measures of pH, hardness, chemicals, and chlorides, but if you want more comprehensive testing, then consider hiring a certified professional. You can find qualified professionals through the EPA's database.

There are many factors that affect the water quality of your drinking water. If you want to ensure your water quality is stable, then be sure to schedule routine plumbing inspections and timely repairs. Damaged pipes can contaminate your water.

Improve the Water Quality

Some homeowners do not need sophisticated techniques and technology to know that there is something fishy with their drinking water. If your water quality is subpar, then consider a whole house water filtration system. These systems will filter the water as it enters your property so that you can enjoy clean water through all faucets and fixtures. The skillful plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta are happy to take your call and provide a consultation or schedule an appointment today.

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