Ways to Unclog a Toilet That Won't Drain

Ways to Unclog a Toilet That Won't Drain

Your toilet can become clogged at any time of the day, and clearing such clog can become tricky especially when you don't have a plunger. The following steps should help;

Unclog the toilet with a plunger

The plunger may seem to be an old fashion way to unclog the toilet, but it works efficiently. Make sure you remove enough water if the bowl is full, before inserting the plumber inside the toilet bowl gently. Create a good seal around the opening at the bottom of the bowl of the toilet. Plunge firmly into your toilet in an up and down motion. Doing this will ensure that the plunger forces the water into the trap-way and then into the pipes and push out the blockage, then pour water inside the bowl, it should go down without a problem. You should contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Atlanta, if your plunger is not efficiently working.

Unclogging the toilet without a plunger.

You can make use of soap and hot water to unclog your toilet if there is no plunger. You can start the process by removing some water from the bowl manually, leaving some space to add up to a gallon of soap. Add some dish soap or shampoo or some slivers of bar soap to lubricate the toilet bowl. Boil a gallon of water on high heat, make sure it is not too hot because it may crack the toilet bowl. Pour the hot water into the bowl and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. Flush the toilet after 20 minutes and hopefully, it should flush but if water backs up and it overflows, then turn off the toilet water valve and repeat the steps.

Make use of baking soda with Vinegar

If your toilet remains clogged even after several attempts to unclog it, then you should remove half of the water remaining in the bowl, then pour 1 cup of a baking soda, along with 2 cups of vinegar. This mix is expected to bubble could cause a spill- this is the reason why you should remove excess water before you commence. Let the bubbles created by the vinegar and baking soda sit in the toilet for about 20 minutes before you flush.

Unclog your toilet with a coat hanger

One last ditch you should consider if your toilet is still clogged is to unravel a coat hanger and then wear a pair of gloves to protect your hand. Wrap an end of the hanger with a piece of cloth, and then make use of the hanger to push the clogging debris down the pipe and your toilet should flush once the blockage is dislodged.

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If you have tried every option explained here but you are still faced with little or no result, then it will make some sense to contact professional plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing. We will unclog the toilet and conduct necessary repairs. You can also schedule maintenance toilet services with us to reduce risks of toilet clogs.

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