Water Conservation Tips for Pool Owners

Water Conservation Tips for Pool Owners

Swimming pools can offer homeowners a backyard escape from the harsh heat of summer. However, they can also make your utility bills skyrocket. Conserving water is not only better for the environment, it can take the heat off your bank account as well. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we enjoy helping local families and businesses find new ways to make their water usage more efficient. We would like to share a few water conservation tips to help reduce your water bills when the temperature rises.

Limit the Use of Fountains and Waterfalls

While water features can create an unforgettable atmosphere for swimming, try to limit the use of waterfalls and water fountains. Using them can make water evaporate much more quickly. Consider leaving them off for everyday use, and only turn them back on for special occasions or when entertaining a large crowd.

Use a Solar Pool Cover

Pool covers provide a lot of benefits for homeowners. They can reduce the amount of water lost in the summertime by up to an inch per week. That may not sound like a significant number, but over the course of a year, families with average to large size pools could save thousands of gallons of water. Plus, you'll reduce algae growth and retain the heat for a toasty dip on cooler days.

Drain the Pool Less Frequently

You may not need to drain cleaning and refill your pool every year, especially if you use a cover and keep the water clean and sanitized all year long. Reducing the frequency of draining your pool could save you a significant amount of water each spring.

Recycle the Backwash Filter Water for Lawn and Garden Care

Use the backwash water from the filter to water your lawn, shrubs or trees. While this water may not be good for vegetable gardens, it can provide extra moisture for your grass and hearty ornamental trees and landscaping plants. Just be careful not to dispose of the water near the storm drains or street, as this can be illegal in some areas.

Lower the Temperature of Your Heated Pool in Spring and Summer

If you have a heated swimming pool, try turning off the heater or lowering the temperature when its warm outside. The sun should do a great job of keeping the water comfortable and you might improve water loss from evaporation.

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks

Swimming pool leaks can cause a huge spike in your utility costs. Keep a close watch for signs of a leak, such as unexplained flooding in your yard, cracks and loose tiles or water saturation near your pump or pool plumbing fixtures. If you do notice a problem, be sure to get your pool inspected right away and repair the issue as soon as possible.

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