Top 5 Plumbing Hacks for Homeowners

Top 5 Plumbing Hacks for Homeowners

Do you prefer to take the DIY approach to plumbing issues? While major problems like leaks, burst pipes or plumbing repairs may need to be addressed by an experienced certified plumber, minor trouble can often be curtailed by a handy homeowner. The next time you're struggling with a small clog, stubborn garbage disposal or low flow shower head, try these fun and simple plumbing hacks.

Clean Drain Clogs with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Chemical drain cleaners can warp PVC pipes and cause early corrosion in metal plumbing. Snakes can be effective at removing blockages, but overuse can scratch the inside of your pipes, and are sometimes messy and cumbersome to use. For preventative care or removal of minor blockages, use this baking soda and vinegar trick instead. Place one cup of baking soda directly inside the drain. Pour one cup of white vinegar over the baking soda and seal the drain with a rag. Let the solution work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with hot water. Doing this once a month in your sinks and bathtubs can help prevent clogs caused by grease, soap residue and oils.

Unclogging a Toilet Without a Plunger

Most people have a toilet plunger in their home, but there may be a time when you're stuck with a backed-up toilet and a plunger is nowhere to be found. Maybe you just moved into a new home, or you're visiting friends or family. Get out of an embarrassing situation with this plumbing hack. Turn off the water supply to the toilet with the valve on the wall behind the toilet bowl. Remove as much water as possible from the toilet using an available cup, waste bucket or other container. Rinse the container and fill with as much hot water as possible. Put a small amount of hand soap and hot water into the toilet bowl and attempt to flush. The combination of hot water and slippery soap may help to break apart the waste, so it can go down the drain.

Low Water Pressure in the Shower? Try Removing Lime Scale from Your Showerhead

Do you have low water pressure in the shower, but no problems anywhere else in your home? There's a good chance the problem has nothing to do with water pressure. Many properties have hard water, which means their fresh water supply contains high amounts of calcium bicarbonate and other minerals. Eventually mineral deposits can form on faucets and shower heads, causing a reduction in flow due to clogged holes. Remove your showerhead and place it inside a mop bucket full of white vinegar. Leave it in the bathtub or shower stall for an hour or two, then rinse and scrub with a rag. The result should be a clean and shiny new showerhead.

Save Money on Your Water Bill With a 20 Ounce Water Bottle

Tired of having high utility bills but aren't interested in replacing your wasteful toilets? Fill a 20 ounce plastic bottle with water and place it inside the toilet tank. This will displace some of the liquid, and reduce the amount of water used during each flush.

Garbage Disposal Quick Fix

Is your garbage disposal clogged or jammed? You might not need to get a repair or replacement. You may be able to quickly dislodge the object by removing the hex shaped nut located beneath the disposal. Be sure to place a bucket beneath your garbage disposal to catch any water or debris.

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