Tips to Get Your Sprinkler System Ready for SpringĀ 

Tips to Get Your Sprinkler System Ready for SpringĀ 

The temperature is thawing and the first signs of spring are emerging, giving homeowners across the country a fresh start to the new year. Many people are eager to get their lawn and gardens lush and green right away, but there are preparations to consider before going full steam ahead. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we enjoy providing premium residential and commercial plumbing services for our local clients. We've seen firsthand what can happen when winter pipes are pushed past their comfort zone. It's important to take the time to properly care for your sprinkler system before you begin a regular watering schedule. Here are some helpful hints that can help you get your sprinklers ready for spring.

Be Patient

Using your sprinkler system before the last frost can be dangerous. If water is inside your sprinkler system and the temperature dips below freezing, you could end up with frozen pipes. Running a sprinkler system with frozen water inside can severely damage your pipes, causing an unnecessary need for repairs and replacements. Check the weather and research your local climate to determine the safest time to begin using your sprinklers on a regular basis.

Release the Air Pressure Before Use

The first time you turn your sprinkler system back on, there is likely to be a sudden rise in air pressure because of the rapid introduction of water in the empty pipes. If the pressure becomes too much, the pipes or fittings could burst. Luckily, this can be avoided by releasing the air pressure prior to turning the water on. Many irrigation systems will already have air pressure relief valves. If your system doesn't have any, you can provide relief by taking off the sprinkler heads, which will cause the air to be forced out of the openings when the water rushes through the pipes. When turning on the water supply, do so slowly, giving time between turns so the water can fill the pipes gradually.

Inspect Your System for Leaks and Damaged Parts and Test Before Regular Use

It's also a good idea to inspect your sprinkler system for any damage or leaks that may have emerged over winter. Test the sprinklers and keep a focused eye on each zone of your lawn. Pay attention to flooded areas or obstructions that are blocking or slowing down the flow of water in any area. Leaving dirt, stones and other materials inside your pipes could create backups and uneven watering. If you notice any cracks or worn materials, replace or repair them as needed. Extensive damage may require the services of a certified plumber or specialist.

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