Tips for Repairing PEX Pipe

Tips for Repairing PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are a fast becoming one of the most popular plumbing materials. However, there are many homeowners who aren’t yet familiar with PEX. This can make basic repairs more difficult or intimidating for those with less experience. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we work hard to make sure our Atlanta, Georgia area customers have the best plumbing systems for their homes and businesses. We want you to have the same great results with your PEX pipes. Here are some pro tips for repairing and caring for your PEX plumbing.

Use a Single Manufacturer

There are many quality brands of PEX on the market. Unfortunately, fittings and PEX pipes from different manufacturers aren’t always compatible. Before purchasing any new materials for repairs, be sure you know the brand of your current plumbing components. Otherwise, you could have fittings that don’t quite fit, which will likely result in leaks and water damage. 

Keep Your Pipes Kink Free

The flexibility of PEX pipes is one of its biggest selling points. However, it also makes it easier for pipes to become pinched when bending. Purchase a bend support. This simple, inexpensive device will help your pipe gently curve around the support, giving it extra protection. 

Don’t Expose PEX to Heat

Since PEX is made from plastic, it’s important that you keep your pipes far away from anything that consistently gives off heat. All PEX material should be a minimum of 18 inches away from water heaters, stoves, furnaces, boilers and any other appliance that may damage the pipes.

Avoid Cutting PEX at an Angle

When cutting PEX to size for a repair or replacement project, it’s vital that the material is cut perfectly straight. If the end is slanted at an angle, it might not conform to the fitting properly. This could spell eventual water damage due to leaks. 

Use Suspension Clips

Fluctuations in temperatures can make the PEX pipes contract and expand. As the pipes move around, friction against wall studs, other pipes or other structural components of your home could cause punctures in your pipe. A suspension clip will surround the pipe, and keep it from rubbing against abrasive material. 

Use the Right Tools

While it may seem like an extra investment, having the right tools on hand will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. There are a wide range of tools available that are designed specifically for PEX such as: copper crimping tool, stainless steel clamps, expansion connections, push-fit connections and compression fittings. 

Use a Bungee Cord to Store Leftover Material

It’s always a good idea to have extra PEX stored safely in your garage or basement, so you can easily and quickly make small repairs. Unfortunately, PEX can be hard to control. After wrapping the PEX pipe into a large coil, secure its shape with an elastic bungee cord and hang it on the wall.  Make sure your storage area is in an area that’s not exposed to UV light, which can deteriorate the material over time. 

Hire a Professional

While some repairs and maintenance tasks can be easily performed by handy homeowners, some projects are simply too large or high risk to do it yourself. If you’re uncomfortable with a repair, don’t hesitate to ask for help. A certified plumber in Atlanta can have any PEX problem solved quickly, so you can be sure your plumbing system is always safe and reliable. 

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