Tiny House Plumbing Maintenance

Tiny House Plumbing Maintenance

Tiny houses are on the rise in cities across America. They provide many benefits for their owners, including less negative environmental impact, a mortgage free lifestyle, mobility and increased financial freedom. It's important to keep in mind that though a home may be small, the components that help it run efficiently must be cared for with equal or greater diligence as someone living in an average sized house. The compact size the plumbing system means that maintenance may be required more often than new tiny house owners are accustomed to, so staying on top of your plumbing services needs to be a priority. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we enjoy helping home and business owners have quality, dependable plumbing. Our certified plumbers want to help local tiny homeowners have the same level of comfort and safety as other Atlanta area citizens. Here are a few tips for how you can keep your tiny house plumbing working at its best for many years to come.

Sewage Maintenance

Sewage maintenance depends largely on which kind of waste management system you have installed inside your tiny house. For those who choose to use a black water collection tank, it's important to regularly empty and sanitize your tank to avoid contamination, clogs and messy backups. For those who opt for a composting toilet, you'll need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, to ensure the high standards of safety and health for yourself and your loved ones. Neglecting these vital tasks can lead to illness, difficult repairs and premature replacement of your plumbing system.

Be Cautious About Which Materials Enter Your Drains

The consequences of bad habits can be amplified when living in a small space. Backups can occur more frequently and damage may affect your plumbing quality more quickly than it would in a large property. It is important to be careful about which kind of materials make its way down your pipes. Harsh cleaning chemicals and liquid clog removers can cause huge issues for plumbing, especially considering most tiny homes have PVC or PEX pipes installed. Repeated use of these substances could melt, warp or damage the inside of the pipes, causing leaks, breaks and a constant need for repairs. Also, grease, hair, soap residue and food debris have a greater chance of clogging in a smaller system, so be sure to use drain covers and take care when working in the kitchen.

Properly Winterize Plumbing in the Fall

Tiny houses can get cold quickly in freezing temperatures, especially if you use your small home for recreational purposes. Pipes, water heaters, holding tanks and propane tanks can all become damaged if exposed to harsh winter weather conditions. Make sure you properly insulate your plumbing system, and prepare your home well before the first frosts appear. Doing so will protect your house against gas leaks, water damage and other major issues.

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