The Best Tools to Keep Your Drain Clear

The Best Tools to Keep Your Drain Clear

Clogged drains are one of the most annoying tasks for homeowners to deal with. Unfortunately, they are common and in many households across the country. The good news is that a little bit of prevention can keep most drain clogs at bay. A few simple, affordable tools can make the difference between free-flowing pipes or stubborn blockages. If you're ready to be proactive, look at a few of these handy gadgets and avoid those annoying drain issues for good.


Though it may seem simplistic, brushing your hair thoroughly before you get in the shower or bath is one of the easiest ways to avoid hair clogs. Your hair naturally sheds over time, and strands that have come loose over the last 24 hours will likely be released when you shampoo and rinse. All that hair will go straight down your drain. When mixed with soap residue and other debris, hair will become caught and form a sticky mass that will grow until a large clog is formed. Brushing before you wash your hair will help to remove loose hair ahead of time.

Drain Protector

The next must have for clog prevention is a quality drain protector. These simple devices are perforated to allow water to flow through, but are designed to catch hair and other small items that might otherwise make their way down your drain pipe. There are many variations in the market from flat metal discs to rounded silicon pieces meant to slip over pop up drains. Be sure to get one that best fits your specific drain type.

Silicon Drain Stopper

A drain stopper looks and works similarly to a drain protector. The main difference is that there are no holes, and it is designed to hold water in the sink or bathtub. While there are many options available for purchase, a silicon design is versatile, easy to clean and simple to use.

Hair Catcher Chain

A hair catcher chain is made of a long metal chain with hooks at varying lengths. They usually have a top that can slip onto the top of your normal drain cover. The idea is that the chain will sit in your pipe, and as hair and other materials flow into the drain, it will settle around the chain. Once a week or so, you can pull the chain out, and clean the debris and you'll be more likely to avoid a large clog. Just be careful not to allow the chain to become lost in the pipe, or you might end up making it easier for a clog to form deeper in your plumbing.

Beard Bib

While hair clogs in the shower drain are a common occurrence, bathroom sinks can also easily become backed up due to hair from men in the house shaving their faces. While beard bibs are new on the scene, they are becoming more and more popular. You wrap a portion of the material around your neck, like a bib or cape you would wear at the salon for a haircut. However, instead of the material going behind you, it is worn in the front and there are suction cups meant for adhering the end of the bib to the mirror. This allows men to shave their beard without worrying about hairs going into the drain. Clean up is simple and the bibs are easy to wash.

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