The Benefits of PEX Pipes

The Benefits of PEX Pipes

Whether you're building a new plumbing system from the ground up or considering an upgrade to your existing property, the hardest decision is often which kind of pipes to purchase. A wide variety of pipe materials are now available in the marketplace, making it more difficult for home and business owners to narrow down their options. At Mr. Rooter, we provide a many premium commercial and residential plumbing services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Decatur, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Stone Mountain, Sandy Springs and other nearby cities. While PEX pipes are one of the newest materials to emerge in the plumbing industry, they are quickly growing in popularity. Here are a few reasons why PEX pipes might be a great choice for your next plumbing installation or pipe replacement in Atlanta, Georgia.

Easier to Install

PEX pipes have many unique features that make them much less labor intensive to install. They are lightweight, extremely flexible and don't require the use of torches or soldering equipment. Their long length mean less fittings and joints are needed, and they can be easily run through multiple hard to reach areas of the home without worrying about cutting and rejoining pipes.

Resistant to Corrosion and Scale Buildup

Pipes made from metal begin to interact with elements in the soil and water immediately after installation. Homeowners with high mineral content in their water or surrounding dirt may experience rapid corrosive effects or mineral buildup inside the pipes. Pipes can become rusted and begin to deteriorate quickly, requiring a repair, pipe liner installation or replacement. PEX pipes are made from a high density polymer that is extremely resistant to corrosion, buildup or corruption from chemical compounds. This makes them a durable and long lasting alternative to conventional copper and steel pipes.

Better for Cold Climates

In winter, freezing temperatures can freeze the water in your pipes, creating extra air pressure that can bend or burst pipes. Metal pipes require extra winterization efforts to avoid leaks and water damage to your property. The flexibility of PEX pipes makes them more capable of withstanding these conditions, and is an excellent choice for people who live in particularly cold environments.


Not only is the material itself less expensive than copper and galivanted steel pipes, the ease of installation and less frequent need for repairs and replacement makes PEX pipes an economical option. PEX pipes can be installed very quickly by a small crew, meaning the property owner won't need to pay excessive labor fees, even for large projects.

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