Snake or Hydrojet Clogged Drain Cleaning?

Snake or Hydrojet Clogged Drain Cleaning?

A common question people often ask is which is the better option to clear drain between Plumbing snake and Hydrojet? The answer to this question will depend on the type of plumbing problem being faced. Mr. Rooter is more than able to clear clogged drains in the most professional way, to restore the integrity of your drain.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Plumbing Snakes?

The plumbing snake normally comes with a long metal tube that encases an inner cable with blades. One end is a crank while the terminal end has the auger that is inserted to de-clog the drain. You need to turn the crank in order to extend the cable into the drain. Turning the crank with some force will create a hole inside the clog or force the clog to twist so it could be easily pulled out.

One of the pros of the plumbing snake is that it is reliable for unclogging drains in most homes. It can be regarded as a gentle tool for removing clogs especially in drain pipes that are too weak to withstand the power of hydrojet cleaners. For this reason, plumbing snakes are only suitable for drains in older homes.

The main disadvantage of Plumbing snake is that it has a limited capability to remove clogs. The snake can only create a hole inside a clog, as large as the tip, hence it will create a small space for water to flow through the clog inside the drain. With these limitations, plumbing snakes are only good for minor clog removals in drains.

The Pros and Cons of Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Hydrojet drain cleaning is far superior to plumbing snakes in removing blockages or clogs in drain pipes. It can eliminate all types of clogs in drains and sewer lines. Hydro-jets are applicable to home and commercial drain and sewer cleaning jobs. In Hydrojet cleaning, the certified plumber will only apply water pressure to clean clogged drains.

One of the pros of hydrojet cleaning is that it is not invasive, thus it is environmentally-friendly. There are no chemicals or mechanical devices needed in cleaning drain and sewer lines. Please contact us at Mr. Rooter on how you can get the most from Hydrojet drain cleaning. Hydrojet cleaning normally involves the use of an inspection camera to view the inside of the drain lines and the area where the clogs or damages are located.

The main con of hydrojet cleaning is that it cannot be used by an unskilled homeowner who wants to perform drain cleaning by himself. Another disadvantage of hydrojet cleaning is that it can be too powerful for older and more fragile pipes.

Get a Reliable and Cost-Effective Hydrojet Cleaning from Mr. Rooter

If you need a reliable and efficient hydrojet cleaning with a thorough inspection of your drain and sewer lines, please contact Mr. Rooter. We do have the technical expertise and the modern tools to handle all drain and sewer line cleaning challenges without causing any damages to your residential or commercial property. Give us a call today and we will gladly help you out.

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