Signs of Corroded Pipes

Signs of Corroded Pipes

Just as ageing is inevitable for humans, corrosion is the same fate that befalls pipes over a period of time if they are left uncoated. Pipe corrosion is primarily caused by oxidation and ageing of the pipe. Yes, pipes age too. You may go pondering over how to detect it when your water pipes are corroded as you can’t possibly see the inside. Well, it’s possible to tell with the signs we will share in this piece. So, let’s break them down for you. 

Signs of Corroded Pipes

  • Tasty water: Ordinarily, water is tasteless and odorless. But when your water goes giving off an offensive odor or taste, the fault could just be your pipe. What usually happens when the water that runs through your pipe has a sweet taste is that the metallic surface of your pipe is eroding, contaminating the water. 
  • Clogged pipes: Another sign that signals corroded pipes is the build-up of rust particles which prevent the free flow of water through your pipe. It could get so bad that it leads to bursts or leakages.
  • Leakages: Leakages are unarguably the commonest sign of corroded pipes. Indeed, when pipes have been used for a long time, chances are that they begin to leak, dripping water all over the apartment. This could get worse over time, leading to a possible pipe burst.
  • Discolored water: Also, when your one-time colorless water suddenly becomes colored, it is definitely a red flag. Sure, it could give a metallic or brownish color, making you wonder where the discoloration is coming from. You don’t have to think so hard to figure out that your corroded pipes could be the fault. 

Care for Pipes

Now that you know the signs of corroded pipes, you must take steps to maintain them. One of the ways you can take care of your water pipes is getting specialists to inspect them from time to time; doing so twice a year will no doubt forestall possible water pipe corrosion. When you engage an expert to ascertain the status of your pipe, your pipes will last longer and the maintenance will avert your likelihood of your using metallic water, which has negative health implications. 

Engaging the Specialist 

You can get Mr. Rooter to help you with water pipe inspections and maintenance in your home and elsewhere. Mr. Rooter offers high-quality water pipe services, ensuring that the clients get the value for their money. With a drive to guarantee customer satisfaction, Mr. Rooter trains and certifies her plumbers, making them stand out in the industry. Aside from water pipe inspection and maintenance services, Mr. Rooter also offers a wide range of other plumbing services.

Range of Services

With Mr. Rooter, clients are sure to get the most out of the following services:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Emergency services 
  • Plumbing Repairs 
  • Sewer Line Repair.

Last Words 

Summarily, the signs of corroded pipes aren’t hidden as they are glaring obvious for you to detect. The fours signs discussed in this piece are the commonest signs among them all. But it’s advisable you take the right step by preventing your water pipes from corroding by engaging Mr. Rooter to help with the inspection and maintenance. When you have used your water pipes for 5-10 years, the ideal thing to do is to get specialists to place it on an inspection schedule. Give us a call today to help your water pipes last even longer.

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