Should Your Business Install Touchless Bathroom Fixtures? 

Should Your Business Install Touchless Bathroom Fixtures? 

Touchless bathrooms may have once seemed like a faraway dream, but they are now becoming more prevalent around the country. Is it time for your Atlanta area business to upgrade to touchless bathroom fixtures? While it is an investment, there's a good chance your company can greatly benefit from installing touchless toilets, urinals and sink faucets. At Mr. Rooter, we proudly provide a variety of premium residential and commercial plumbing services in Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Brookhaven and other metro area communities. We want our customers to make informed decisions so they can choose the options that best suits their needs and desired results. Here are just a few of the reasons why getting a touchless bathroom can help your business. Commercial Plumbers in Atlanta

More Hygienic and Attractive to Customers

The most direct and obvious advantage of a touchless bathroom is the improvement in quality of hygiene. Washing your hands can reduce the amount of germs and bacteria that are transferred while using public restrooms, but every time you flush the toilet or touch the faucet, your potentially contaminating yourself. Customers understand this, and many people are paranoid about contracting illnesses from frequented bathrooms. Do you manage a school, hospital or other public institution? Are you the owner of a retail store, coffee shop or restaurant? Then make your customers and clients happy by keeping them clean and healthy with a touchless bathroom.

Easier to Clean

Another extra bonus is that a touchless bathroom is much easier to keep clean. Wiping down the toilet, urinals and faucets is much simpler and faster when there's no knobs or levers to worry about. Since it's either the owner or the employees that clean the bathrooms, installing touchless bathroom fixtures could pay for itself fast by reducing the time it takes to complete daily cleanings.

Less Maintenance Requirements

Updating your bathroom will automatically reduce the number of needed repairs, replacements and maintenance services because your fixtures will be new and improved. However, there's even more to be excited about when you realize that touchless fixtures have many less components. That means when your fixtures do run into problems down the road, there won't be as many pieces and parts to worry about repairing.

Saves Water and Reduces Water Utility Costs

Most touchless systems are modernized with ecofriendly and water saving features. That means when you upgrade your old toilets and faucets to touchless, you're also getting more water efficient models. You'll never have to worry about pranksters or rude customers leaving the faucets pouring for hours. Your company will enjoy a significant reduction in monthly utility bills thanks to better aerators, water saving technology and automation.

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