Reasons Your Home Might Have Low Water Pressure

Reasons Your Home Might Have Low Water Pressure

Showering, washing dishes, and even washing your hands feels a lot more effective when the water pressure is just right. Low water pressure can be frustrating. Though low water pressure can be due to issues and problems with your plumbing system, poor water pressure does not necessarily mean you have to call a plumber in Atlanta GA. We have put together some reasons why your home might have low water pressure as well as some quick fixes. If it happens that you do need to hire a qualified plumber, then call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta to get in touch with one of our live representatives. We are always ready and happy to help.

Partially Closed Main Shutoff Valve

The main water shutoff valve is what controls the water supply entering your property. When a plumber comes to do some work on your pipes, they will likely turn the main water shutoff valve off to stop water from flowing through the pipes and making a mess. If they have left the main water shutoff valve only partially open, then your plumbing fixtures will be getting only a limited supply of water.
First, locate your main water shutoff valve. It can be found in your basement or on the perimeter of your property. Make sure the valve is fully opened. If not, then give it a turn.

The Water Meter Valve

The water meter valve is similar to the main water shutoff valve. It controls the water supply to your building, but the water meter valve belongs to the city. You should tamper with the water meter valve before contacting your local water department.
If the water meter valve is not parallel with the supply line, then contact your local water department to share your concern and seek advice on what you should do about the low water pressure in your home.

Faulty Hot Water Heater

If it is the hot water that is low pressure, then check your water heater. There are two things to check here. First, check the water heater valve and make sure that it is fully open. If that does not change anything, then there might be sediment buildup in the tank. You should flush and rinse the water heater tank once a year to prevent such sediment buildup.

Clogged Water Lines

Obviously, a clogged pipe is going to restrict the flow of water. Water supply lines can clog just like drains can clog. Water supply lines can clog because of frozen water or mineral buildup. Proper insulation can help against freezing and water softeners or filters can reduce mineral buildup. It can also be that your pipes are corroded or damaged. Have a plumber inspect your pipes if your drinking water is discolored or tastes funky.

Water Leaks

If part of the water supply is leaking, then the amount of water reaching your plumbing fixture is naturally going to be little. Check around your house for signs of leaks. Look for mold, mildew, water stains, and puddles of water. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing if you need a leak repaired.

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