Reasons Why Your Toilet is Slow to Fill

Reasons Why Your Toilet is Slow to Fill

When you flush your toilet, does it seem to take forever for the bowl to refill with water? This common issue is not the worst plumbing problem to have, but you could be overspending on your monthly utilities because of it. If you want to optimize the efficiency of your toilet, then it is important to solve the issue. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, we provide high quality commercial and residential services including toilet installation, repair and replacement in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area neighborhoods. Are you wondering how to fix your slow filling toilet? Here are some tips that can help you reach your goal.

Problems with Fill Valve Tube

Inside your toilet tank, there is a fill valve, which is attached to a vertical tube. This valve controls the level of water inside the tank. If the valve becomes misplaced, damaged or worn out, then it can prevent your toilet tank from receiving enough water. Check the valve for signs of trouble and replace if necessary.

Dysfunctional Water Supply Valve

If you check behind your toilet, you will see a small knob near the wall, which controls the flow of water to your toilet. If this valve has been partially turned off, or debris buildup has restricted water flow, then your toilet tank may not be filling appropriately. A professional plumber can inspect the valve for buildup and get your toilet back in working condition fast.

Float Ball Issue

The float ball is designed to sit on top of the water, which helps control the amount of water coming into the tank. If the float ball is not functioning properly, then it will not allow the tank to fill correctly. Remove the lid and check the water level. If it is low, or the ball is no longer floating, then you may need to replace it. Float balls have been replaced in modern toilets, so you might consider modernizing the interior components of your toilet. If you find yourself replacing multiple pieces within the toilet, then a toilet replacement may be more financially beneficial long term.

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