Reasons Why You Never Have Enough Hot Water

Reasons Why You Never Have Enough Hot Water

Cold showers aren't most people's idea of starting the day off right. It can be extremely frustrating for homeowners to deal with lukewarm water when they need it to be hot and steamy. Frigid water can be a condition of a variety of causes, which can make it difficult for people to know if they need to purchase a new water heater, or if they can fix the issue with a simple repair. Over the years, Mr. Rooter has helped residents and businesses in Atlanta, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Milton and other Metro Atlanta area neighborhoods get their hot water heaters working like new. During our experience, we've ran into a lot of different plumbing problems that homeowners face and we want to help you troubleshoot your water heater headaches. Here are a few of the most common reasons why water heaters fail to heat water properly.

Build Up of Sediment

If you've had your water heater for many years, there's a chance that the inside of the tank has begun to corrode. Also, depending on the quality of your water supply, there could be sand, silt and mineral deposits that have accumulated in your tank. If so, there may be a layer of sediments that have built up on the bottom of your water heater. This can keep the heat from transferring to the water fast enough, because the burner will need to warm up the sediment first. If your hot water heater is slow to warm, or if you hear strange clinking or gurgling sounds every time you run turn the hot water faucet, this could be your issue.

Tank is the Wrong Size for Your Household Needs

You might simply be running out of available hot water quickly due to having a tank that's too small for your home's needs. Your tank should be able to hold approximately 75% of your overall water usage. Are there five or six people attempting to get ready in the morning? Do you find yourself needing to take a shower at the same time your dishwasher or washing machine is running? If so, your growing family may need to upgrade to a larger model.

Your Burner Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Sometimes the burner itself has become damaged or is beginning to malfunction. If your water temperature is extremely inconsistent, your problem could be caused by a faulty burner. Most of the time, the component can be quickly and affordably replaced by a professional without the need for a new water tank.

Distance of the Tank is Far Away

Does the water warm up quickly in the area around your water heater, but the second story bathroom always seems to be room temperature? If so, then distance could be the source of your water heater trouble. Keep in mind that the water may be piping hot when it leaves the tank, but by the time it comes out of your far away faucet, the water has cooled. Larger homes may sometimes benefit from having a second hot water heater tank, or you could consider a small, tankless on demand water heater where needed.

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