Reasons to Insulate Your Pipes This Winter

Reasons to Insulate Your Pipes This Winter

Having a winterized plumbing system is important for homeowners who experience freezing temperatures. One of the most effective methods for ensuring your pipes last through snow storms and well into springtime, is to insulate your pipes. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta we’ve helped countless home and business owners in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Brookhaven and other metro Atlanta area neighborhoods keep their plumbing systems safe through the winter. We want to help you do the same for your home. Here are just a few of the reasons why investing in pipe insulation can help you avoid plumbing leaks, fractures and floods this season. 

Avoid Frozen Pipes

The number one reason why most homeowners and businesses choose to insulate their pipes is to keep them from freezing. Frigid winter temperatures can transform the water inside your plumbing system into ice. This change will create internal pressure on your pipes as the water expands in near freezing climates. If the amount of air pressure gets out of control, it can burst your pipe, creating a massive leak or flood inside your home. Insulation will help keep the pressure regulated, so the water stays above freezing and your pipes stay safe and cozy during winter snow storms and subzero temperatures. 

Save on Energy Costs 

When the weather dips below freezing, your water heater has to work twice as hard to keep your showers and baths nice and toasty. Over several weeks or months of cold temperatures, rinsing the dinner dishes, washing loads of laundry and getting ready for work in the morning can start to get more expensive. Insulated pipes will help the hot water in your pipes stay warm as it flows from your water heater to its destination. This will help your water heater run more efficiently without sacrificing the water temperatures you need for a clean and comfortable home.

Extend the Longevity of Your Pipes

Do you live in a climate with fluctuating temperatures? Is your city hot in the summertime and freezing cold in the middle of winter? Then your pipes probably do a lot of stretching and expanding to accommodate the shifting climate. Over time, this can create unnecessary stress on your pipes, and create a premature need for plumbing repairs and replacements. Insulated pipes will remain at a more constant temperature over time, and help your pipes stay strong and reliable for many more years. 

24 Hour Emergency Services Available in Atlanta, Georgia and Surrounding Communities

Are you an Atlanta, Georgia area home or business owner with frozen or burst pipes? Then it’s important that you get professional help as soon as possible to avoid property damage and further issues with your plumbing system. Sadly, it isn’t always easy to find a certified plumber who accepts service calls after normal business hours. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we always put our client’s needs first. That’s why we offer our premium residential and commercial services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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