Plumbing Repair Tips for Manufactured Home Owners

Plumbing Repair Tips for Manufactured Home Owners

Purchasing a manufactured home is a great way for families on a budget to move into their very own house. Their affordable price tag and ability to move location makes these homes a practical solution for those looking to stay out of debt and mortgage free. However, there are some issues that can make owning a manufactured home more stressful, and unfortunately the plumbing quality in prefabricated or mobile houses aren't always top notch. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we provide professional residential and commercial plumbing services in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Suwanee, Roswell, Marietta, Buckhead, Stone Mountain and other nearby metro area neighborhoods. We enjoy helping our local clients get the best results from their plumbing systems, and we want to help you achieve the same incredible results for yourself. Here are some tips for properly maintaining and repairing your manufactured home's pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Upgrade Pipes if Necessary

Regulations and standards are often different for manufactured homes than for conventional housing. Therefore, there are many mobile homes that don't have high quality pipes. While newer models frequently install PEX pipes, older units might have substandard PVC or plastic tubing. Also, if you've purchased a used manufactured home, there's no guarantee that the previous owner took great care of their pipes. It's recommended to have a plumbing inspection before purchasing a used mobile home, and to ask the appropriate questions when buying a new model. If the pipes are cheaply made, they can cause major problems for your family in the future. It's best to upgrade to PEX pipes as soon as possible, to avoid complications.

Watch for Signs of Leaks

Leaks are one of the worst problems for owners of manufactured homes. It can create unsanitary conditions beneath your foundation, particularly if the leak involves your sewer line. In addition, damp conditions can ruin walls, flooring, cabinetry and other important structural components of your house. Keep a vigilant eye on any signs of leaks, like bowing walls, raised flooring, mildew smells or water stains near sources of water. If you do suspect leaks, call a certified plumber in your area to get a repair or replacement before the problem becomes worse.

Get Your Septic Tank Pumped and Cleaned Out Every Few Years

Many manufactured homes are placed on properties without city utilities. Instead, some mobile home owners choose to install a septic system to take care of their waste management needs. If you have moved onto a property with a septic system, or are considering installing a new system for yourself, then it's important to establish good habits and invest in regular maintenance services. Your family and guests will need to remain conscious of everything that makes its way down your pipes, as grease, coffee grounds, egg shells and other materials can quickly solidify and minimize available space in your tank. Regularly pumping and cleaning your tank every few years will give you a fresh start, and keep any debris or sediments from hardening inside your system.

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