Outdoor Plumbing for Your Backyard Kitchen

Outdoor Plumbing for Your Backyard Kitchen

Do you love entertaining friends and family, especially during the spring and summer? You'll be throwing your best parties ever this year, once you've installed an outdoor kitchen. No one wants to be inside, preparing meals while everyone else is enjoying the perfect weather. A backyard kitchen will ensure that you never miss a moment. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we enjoy helping our local customers find fun new ways to utilize their plumbing system. Don't let the plumbing aspect of an outdoor kitchen scare you away. This exciting home improvement project doesn't have to be intimidating when you have help from a local certified plumber. Here are three basic services you'll need to make your new patio kitchen the best in the neighborhood.

Gas Line for Cooking

You can simply stick with a basic barbecue grill. However, if you really want to scale up your menu options, then you might consider extending your gas line to your outdoor kitchen. This will allow you to use a gas fueled grill as well as a gas stove and oven. Now, instead of being limited to burgers and hot dogs, you can cook anything your heart desires without stress. Having this added feature can come in very handy, particularly for large celebrations like children's birthdays or Thanksgiving, when you need the extra cooking space in a more convenient location.

Water Line and Drain Line for Sink

A sink is a must have for any outdoor kitchen. Chopping vegetables, rinsing dishes and cleaning up can be a huge hassle when you're running back and forth from your inside kitchen to your outdoor dining area. Keep it simple by adding a full-size sink to your beautiful new backyard cooking space. A licensed plumber can ensure that you have a properly installed fresh water line and drain system in place for your grey water.

Hot Water Dispenser

Want to have access to hot water for washing dishes or serving beverages? Then consider using a hot water dispenser. The water from your indoor water heater might not stay warm on its way outside, especially during cooler seasons. Fortunately, a hot water dispenser or small on-demand tankless water heater can be connected to your sink, without taking up much space. Best of all, there's never a need to wait for your cold water to turn hot, because the instant dispenser will provide water from 120 to 200 degrees in just a few seconds.

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