Is There an Energy Efficient Temperature Setting for My Hot Water Heater?

Is There an Energy Efficient Temperature Setting for My Hot Water Heater?

Homeowners are constantly forced to adjust the temperature settings on their water heaters, raising the question; what is the ideal temperature range for hot water heaters? According to the EPA, 120 degrees is hot enough to alleviate disease-causing microorganisms but not too hot to cause scalding. This temperature setting can supply sufficient hot water to various faucets in your home without compromising energy efficiency. However, there are several factors to consider if you want the best setting for your hot water needs, and an expert plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help.

We leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment to accurately determine the current temperature of your water before adjusting it to suit the specific needs of your household and energy efficiency. Modern water heaters have a dial that homeowners can check for temperature readings, but if it is damaged or gives the wrong temperature, you should use an at-home thermometer. Turn on the hot water tap and let the water run for a while before checking the temperature to ensure the reading is accurate.

Most water heaters run on electricity or gas power, and setting the temperature too high can significantly increase your energy bill. Regardless of the water heater type, you are using at home, reducing the temperature by 10 degrees can save you 5% on utility bills. If you aren't sure of the right temperature for your water heater, we recommend setting it to 120 degrees and gradually increasing it until you reach the perfect water temperature. Before changing hot water heaters to a different temperature setting, here are some things to consider.


Most hot water heaters are set at temperatures between 120-150 degrees, and failing to adjust them appropriately can lead to significant injuries. If young children are living in your home, the temperature should be 120 degrees. It only takes a child two seconds to get third-degree burns in 150-degree water and three seconds more from water that's 140 degrees. A reputable and reliable plumber can help prevent the risk of burns from hot water in your faucets by setting it at a safe temperature for everyone in your household.

Suppressed Immune System

Low water temperature is not recommended if a member of your family suffers from a condition that suppresses the immune system. Such individuals must avoid cold water because of the risk of developing respiratory complications and other health problems. The preferred water temperature to prevent this is 140 degrees since it is hot enough to maintain body temperature without scalding.

Never Go Below 120 Degrees

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money, and reducing the water temperature is one way of increasing energy efficiency. However, temperatures below 120 degrees are not hot enough to eliminate bacteria, allowing the buildup of microorganisms throughout your plumbing. The last thing you want is to compromise the safety and health of your loved ones, but we can help you maintain a functioning and efficient water heater.

If you still have questions, contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We guarantee quality maintenance and repairs for hot water heaters at competitive market rates.

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