Installing an Outdoor Shower

Installing an Outdoor Shower

Having an outdoor shower can be extremely useful for homeowners, especially those who love enjoying their backyard in the spring and summer. Unfortunately, many families never install one because they're afraid of the process. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, Georgia, we enjoy helping local home and business owners find ways to improve their plumbing systems. If you're considering an outdoor shower installation, but need a little help making the final decision, then keep reading. Here you'll find some helpful information so you can decide if a permanent outdoor shower is right for you and your loved ones.

Non-Permanent Showers

Some people start out using a non-permanent shower, like those used for camping and hiking. While these can work for an occasional rinse down, they aren't meant for everyday use. When you're in the middle of a National Forest, showers aren't always easy to find, so having a traveling shower on hand can be very convenient. However, these showers have a very limited capacity, and rarely have the ability to regulate temperatures.

Permanent Solutions

If you want a full-fledged shower with hot and cold water that is consistent and reliable, then you'll need to opt for a permanent outdoor shower installation. While it may seem overwhelming at first, a certified plumber in Atlanta can have your new plumbing installation ready to go in a single afternoon. You can also hook up to an on demand tankless water heater, so you can have the perfect water temperature even if your shower is far away from your indoor water heater tank. Our experts can help provide a customized solution that's perfect for your family. Whether you want your shower out in the open, next to the pool for a fast and easy rinse, or you're looking for a private oasis where you can take get clean under the stars, our team has what it takes to provide the pipes and plumbing fixtures vital to your project.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Plumbing Installation

If your household loves to garden, swim in the backyard pool or spend all day and night enjoying the sunshine and breeze, then you'll get the most from installing a permanent outdoor plumbing installation. The best part, is that you'll not only have a reliable and clean source of fresh water for cleaning off, but you'll already be prepped and ready for other home improvement projects like an outdoor kitchen or backyard guest house. If you're looking to make additional outdoor renovations that will increase your home's value and provide more fun and enjoyment for your family, then installing outdoor plumbing will be well worth the effort.

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