How To Save Money on Your Water Bills This Summer

How To Save Money on Your Water Bills This Summer

Out of all the seasons, Summer has a reputation for causing the highest water bills for most homeowners. The kids are out of school, the heat of the sun bakes your lawn and pools get filled and ready for cookouts and parties. Don't worry too much though. The team at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta has endured many Georgia Summers. Our plumbing expertise has given us extra insights into conserving water and reducing costs. That's why we've made a list of tips and tricks to get you and your family through this summer without spending a fortune on utilities.

Swimming Pools

Most backyard pools take somewhere between 10,000-30,000 gallons of water to fill. After filling the pool, it also takes several hundred gallons to maintain the pool's depth throughout the summer. This yearly expense can be a big hit to the monthly budget. For many families the memories made is worth the extra cost, but there are a few things you can do to put a little bit of change back into your pocket.

Use a solar cover when the pool is not being used. They will help deflect the sun's rays away from your pool and ease the amount of water that gets evaporated. This means you won't have to fill up the pool as often. You can also keep features like waterfalls and fountains turned on only during parties to save on evaporation and water loss. It's also important to keep the pool and it's filter clean from algae and debris. Nothing wastes water like having to drain the pool because it's become unsanitary.

Lawn and Garden

Keeping your yard green and growing can be particularly difficult during the harsh heat of summertime. During droughts, city ordinances may make it even harder to maintain your ideal landscape. To keep both your wallet and your plants happy, you can try out a few of these ideas.

Try turning a part of your lawn into a rock garden. You can use desert plants that don't need a lot of watering, and the rocks will make it easy to keep your yard beautiful all year long. If you can't dream of losing your lush grass, you can still cut down on water usage by running your sprinklers early in the morning before the sun dries out all your hard work. Soaker hoses can also be used to pinpoint the water exactly where you need it.

Inside Your Home

During the summer, houses are usually full to the max. Kids are home for summer vacation, college age children are back at home until the fall, and family comes to visit from out of state. All of those people take showers, wash dirty clothes and flush toilets. That adds up to a double sized bill in your mailbox. Offset the extra costs by getting a few plumbing upgrades.

High efficiency washers can save more than 3 times the amount of water used by traditional models. Faucet aerators are an affordable way to cut down on water usage without breaking the bank. You can also install a low flow toilet. While these investments cost a little extra upfront, they will save you a lot over time, no matter what the season.

Still, there is no water saving technique that can beat a good old fashioned plumbing inspection. Water leaks can account for a lot of wasted water. Sometimes the leaks can be in places that are not easily found. If you have noticed that certain faucets have suffered a drastic drop in pressure, a leak may be the culprit. You might immediately notice a rise in your water bill, but may accidentally blame the extra cost on the summer months. It's important to check for possible leaks in your pipes or appliances regularly because neglecting them may cause a much bigger problem in the future.

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