How to Protect Your Pipes from Roots

How to Protect Your Pipes from Roots

Having a house with curb appeal is important. People usually take great pride in the way the exterior of their homes look, and landscaping plays a big role in the overall aesthetic of your property. Unfortunately, when homeowners forget about how their tree and plant roots effect their plumbing, it can cause major problems. When thirsty roots discover the nutrient rich environment of your home's pipes, they can grow out of control very quickly. Within a few months, root invasion can cause clogs, sewage backups in the house, and sometimes may lead to your pipes collapsing. When that occurs, it may be necessary to do extensive work to your underground pipes, which might involve tearing up the lawn and harming your beautifully landscaped yard. Thankfully, the team at Mr. Rooters has a few suggestions on what to do in order to keep those pesky roots where they need to be.

Carefully Plan Your Landscaping

Make sure you know where your pipes are located underground. Understanding the layout of your main lines can help you make wise choices when it's time to plant bushes, trees or other plants. When you choose a new tree or plant, do some research to see how thirsty the roots are, and make sure that you leave enough space that the roots won't try to crawl toward the pipes as it gets bigger. If you've moved into a previously owned home with large trees close to your pipes, you may already have roots growing in your system. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to schedule an inspection to find out more, so you can be proactive in stopping any new growth.

Use Physical Root Barriers

Another option is to install a physical barrier into the ground between your tree roots and your pipes. These come in a variety of sizes and materials from plastic to fabric. Some also have herbicides inside the barrier material in order to prevent the growth of any roots as it approaches the barrier. While this is a relatively effective method, it does require you to do some extensive planning and digging in order to get the barriers properly placed in your lawn.

Chemical Root Killer

Some homeowners choose to pour root killer into their pipes. While this may help in some situations, it can't be used if you have a septic system, and it's important that you pay attention to the ingredients used in the product. If any harsh or caustic chemicals are used, they may cause damage to your pipes. Also, if roots have already infiltrated your pipes, most of the root killer will rush through your pipes and out into the sewer line before they can effectively stop the growth of large roots. Alpharetta Plumbers

Invest in Professional Maintenance

The most effective way to ensure that your pipes stay free from root invasion is through regular, routine maintenance and inspection. Getting an annual inspection is a great place to start. A professional plumber has access to tools and resources that aren't easily acquired by most homeowners. Coupled with the years of experience and knowledge, there's no question that having a dependable plumbing expert on your side is the best way to keep your household's plumbing in great shape.

Mr. Rooter offers many quality plumbing services, including root prevention. If you're family or business is experiencing frequent clogs, backups or problems from root growth in your properties pipes, give us a call today and find out how we can help.

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