How to Prevent Grease Clogs

How to Prevent Grease Clogs

Our drains and sewer lines are meant to carry waste and debris safely away from our home. Unfortunately, when grease, oils, fats or waxes make their way into your pipes, it can wreak total havoc on your entire plumbing system. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we provide quality residential and commercial plumbing repair in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Georgia and other nearby locations. If you're struggling with grease clogs, or merely want to know how to prevent them from forming, here are a few tips for keeping your pipes free and clear.

Why Grease is So Harmful to Your Plumbing System

Oils, grease and similar substances may go into your drain in liquid form when it's still warm. However, once it cools down, it will harden. If the grease becomes solidified before it makes its way through your sewer line, it will accumulate onto the inner lining of your pipe and capture all other solid materials that might come through your drain. Hardened grease, mixed with soap residue, hair and food from the garbage disposal can quickly create a large and difficult to remove clog. When this occurs, especially deep within your sewer line, it can cause sewage backflow into your home, and create waste water floods in your yard. Not only are these messy consequences, but they can create hazardous health conditions for your family and potentially contaminate nearby waterways and habitats. Continued accumulation of grease can also cause massive issues for properties with septic systems, causing families to need premature cleanings, repairs and system replacements.

Ways to Prevent Grease Clogs in Your Pipes

Instead of pouring your bacon grease and fat from your dinner roast down the sink, pour it into a can or container with a lid on it. When it's been filled, you can toss it into the garbage. If you don't want to store the grease in bulk, you can lay out a paper towel or coffee filter into a bowl, wait for the grease to harden, and then throw it directly into the trash can each time you cook.

Another helpful tip is to purchase an inexpensive sink strainer to use when washing greasy dishes. If you have a large family, or love throwing parties and you find yourself with leftover grease more often, consider installing a residential grease trap. While you should still dispose of your oils as explained before, small amounts can make their way into your drain without clogging your plumbing system. If you do install a grease trap, make sure you have it cleaned out frequently and provide proper maintenance, otherwise you could cause a major problem with your pipes.

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