How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

A leaky, dripping shower faucet or showerhead is not only annoying but expensive when it's neglected for a long time. Dripping shower heads can waste hundreds of gallons of water, and it gets worse when it's on the hot water side because it will help in increasing your electric bill.

Furthermore, it will cause more harm and very hard to fix when it is leaking inside the wall. Nevertheless, you don't have to be a technically savvy person before you could fix a leaky shower head. What you need is the right information and the ability to follow the procedure suggested in this article distinctively.

Causes of leaky shower faucet or showerhead dripping

Weak components are the major cause of leaky shower heads including inner seal worn out, corroded or clogged components and age. If the problem is from the stem or valve cartridge or it seems to be complex, then you should probably call professionals from Mr. Rooter of Atlanta.

For the normal showerhead dripping problem, you can get it fixed, and if you are ready, then, let's get the ball rolling:


The first step to fixing a leaky shower head is shutting off the water supply to the shower, then, open the tap for the water that is remaining in the shower line to be removed.

Second step

Remove the handles or knobs of the head and thoroughly inspect it to identify defects or weakness. The next thing to do is to remove the sleeves and faceplates that cover the valve and valve body.

Third step

Clean the handles or knobs and the entire shower head and unscrew the cartridge from the valve body. Actually, this is the most sensitive aspect of this process because you have to remove the valve stem or cartridge and get a new one from the hardware store nearest to you.

Fourth step

Check if the valve seat, washers or 0-rings are still good and consider replacing them as well.

As you have gotten all the needed components to be replaced from the hardware store, you should get to the next step.

Fifth step

Use vinegar and water solution with an abandoned toothbrush to remove mineral deposits around each component.

Reinstall the new cartridge and valve stem including the baseplates, knobs, and sleeves and evaluate to make sure everything is placed in the right position.

Last step

This is the time to test-run what you have done by turning the water supply back on. Hopefully, the squirts or water drips will stop, and you will enjoy your shower.

However, if the problem continues, that means it is above your capacity to fix. Call professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta to help you fix the dripping showerhead.

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