How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Like other household appliances, you'll need to maintain your water heater to increase its life span and minimize water heater repair costs. If you're tired of calling your plumber to replace the water heater, we've you covered! We'll identify some maintenance tips and ideas that will help you extend the life of your water heater. Keep reading!

How Long Should Your Water Heater Last?

Various water heaters have different life spans. This will vary according to the size, model, type, and water condition flowing through the heater. However, a properly-maintained water heater can extend for more than a decade. Also, tankless water heater models can last twice as typical ones. In addition, if you regularly use hard water through your heater, it may last for a very short time.

DIY Water Heater Maintenance Tips

You'll need to implement regular maintenance tips on your water heater for an extended life span. These tasks are easy to perform, and they'll be functional in increasing your water heater's life span.

Here are various DIY tips for extending the life span of your water heater:

  • Flushing The Water Heater Thrice Per Annum

It's a suitable idea to flush your water heater every four months. To achieve this, shut off the electricity or gas to the heater and attach a garden hose pipe to the drain valve. However, ensure that the other end of the hosepipe is at the utility sink or the floor drain. This will empty water and other sediments that might have accumulated at the bottom of your tank. Later, after the tank is empty, remove your hose pipe and switch on the electricity or the gas.

  • Inspect Your Pressure Valve 2-5 Times Per Annum

You can easily achieve this practical approach when you're flushing the water heater. You can perform it after shutting off the gas or electricity and prior to connecting the hose pipe. Switch off the gas or electricity and check your valve multiple times to identify whether the water flows appropriately. Afterward, you can flush your water heater if you are set to do so.

  • Check Your Anode After 3-5 Years

The anode attracts minerals that can damage your water heater tank. In circumstances where it may be covered with minerals or completely worn out, it will be dysfunctional. Thus, it is advisable to inspect it by switching off electricity or gas to the heater and draining it by connecting the hose pipe to the drain valve. Then, untighten the hex nut connected to the anode rod at the top of your tank and remove the rod for inspection by pulling it out. If you realize that it's rusted or covered with a layer of mineral deposits, replace it with a new one.

Other Way to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Thorough flushing and inspection are helpful ways of extending the life span of your water heater. However, your water heater may require water heater repair even when well-maintained. On such occasions, depend on Mr. Rooter, your reliable plumber, for installation and maintenance. To learn more, call us now to schedule an estimate online now!

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