How to Drain a Hot Water Heater

How to Drain a Hot Water Heater

It might have been a few years that you drain your hot water heater, and you don't take the maintenance of the appliance seriously. Draining the hot water is one of the ideal preventing maintenance care you should consider to extend the life of your hot water heater and the following are the steps you can take to achieve this;

In order to drain the hot water, you need to get a 3-4 feet garden hose that comes with a fitting that can connect to the drain valve of the hot water. You should aim at directing the flow of water into a bucket or the floor drain. If you have a gas water heater in your home, make sure you turn off the gas and extinguish the pilot light but if you have an electric water heater, simply remove the plug from the wall and or trip the circuit breaker manually.

Some consideration before you drain your hot water heater

Perhaps, contacting Mr. Rooter of Atlanta is the easiest and safest way to drain your hot water heater. Keep in mind that you don't have to drain all the water in your water heater, you may want to drain just a few gallons of water at a time until all the sediments are out of the tank. Taking this step will also prevent the damaging of the hot water tank by turning the tank on without water in it.

What to do to drain the hot water heater

To begin with, simply turn off the water valve that directs water to the hot water tank, then attach the hose to the drain located at the bottom of the bottom of the water heater. Open the valve supplying the hot water, before opening the pressure relief valve. Allow the water in the tank to drain and if you are collecting the water in a bucket, simply empty the bucket occasionally. Once the tank is empty, simply turn on the water supply valve, and allow the water to flow in and out until it becomes clear- the clarity of the water is an indication that the sediments have been removed.

Simply close the drain and pressure relief valves so that the tank can refill. If you are using an electric water heater, simply flip the circuit breaker or just plug the unit back in. If you are using the gas water heater, simply turn on the gas before re-lighting the pilot light.

Contact Mr. Rooter of Atlanta for safe and reliable water heater maintenance

The procedures highlighted above for draining your hot water seem to be simple and straightforward but you run the risk of flooding the basement. For this reason, you need a professional plumber near me who can handle such duties or steps efficiently and also inspect your water heater for possible repair options. You can count on Mr. Rooter of Atlanta plumbers because they are highly skilled, and trained to handle minor and major water heater issues. We also provide emergency water heater repair, replacement, and installation services at affordable rates.

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